Let's pump the breaks on Dion Lewis

It's Bills week for the Patriots, but more importantly, rather apparently, it's Rex Ryan week.

He's already started talking about his "hated" Sunday opponent and now has doubled down saying he doesn't even know who Patriots running back Dion Lewis is.
"Nah, I mean they're decent backs in their own right. But I don't think we're gonna focus on that kid. I can't even tell you that kid's name. But you're gonna focus on the guy throwing the ball, I'll tell you that much."

It's obvious when any team plays the Patriots that stopping Tom Brady is the main objective, so Rex is right in that regard, but he is also right in another: Dion Lewis is just another back.

We here in New England have been salivating over the 24-year-old for a little under a week now and for good reason.

He was rather impressive filling in for LeGarrette Blount while he served his suspension rushing for 69 yards on 15 attempts. He also seems to be the earlier favorite to take third-down-back duties that were left by Shane Vereen even if he did only catch 1 of his 5 targets.

It's not to say that I dislike Lewis, I just think he plays a position that the Patriots could be filled by anyone and if he was really any good he wouldn't be on his fourth team in as many years.

The Patriots, more than any other team in the league, to their credit find a way to get the most out of each player they bring in and I think they can do that with Lewis as well. But lets not start calling him the next Darren Sproles or Shane Vereen yet.

He's only played one game for New England and we've sure seen backs do much more to then achieve so little in their Patriots career.

Remember this guy?

I guess what I am saying is let's pump the breaks on Dion Lewis. For now at least.

Can he be the next Shane Vereen? Yes.

Could he also fade into the mist like Jonas Gray? No question.

That's life as an NFL running back.

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