Ring Envy - What Bills fans said - 9/20/15

Well, Bills fans weren't too happy about this one. They are a pretty optimistic fanbase, and really seemed to buy into the hype pre-game. All of that hope evaporated pretty quickly into the first quarter. A lot of Bills fans inexplicably blamed the refs, saying that Kraft paid them off. There were obviously plenty of cheating comments. For the most part though, they blamed their defensive line for not getting any pressure (pretty hard to when #12's throwing the ball after 2 seconds). There was also a lot of worshipping at the altar of Tom Brady, and how they wish he would retire already. They seem to unaninmously believe he is the greatest quarterback of all time. Hard to argue with them there.


The patriots have deal with the devil.

ouch, just really hurt my hand punching the arm of the couch there, I guess there's some hard wood under the padding.

We're going to build a bully.
A very stupid bully.

Tom Brady is going to buy the Bills when he retires, That way he can keep owning them

the pats lose Revis and Browner and gain nobody.
The bills add Harvin, Clay, McCoy, Felton, Incognito
and we have gained nothing on the pats


I hope Bill was too busy to watch our game last week & prepares his D to face Kyle Orton.

If that interior line of rookies can manage to entirely hold off the best defensive line in football for 4 quarters, I may stop watching football altogether.

The Patriots stop the Rush with this thing called Holding. And a lot of it, which never gets called unless it is meaningless.

Well, if Rex's defense gives up 30, at home, then Rex isn't all he's cracked up to be and neither is this defense, especially since NE scored 28, at home, against a terrible Steelers defense.
However, I don't see that happening.

Bills 28, Pats 10
This is one of the easier offenses that the Pats have shown Rex over the years - he can exploit that O-line, and they don't have a real running game.
McCoy should have a big game against their D.

We can't celebrate until the fat lady sings. Let's face it; Tom Brady IS the best QB in NFL History, and REMAINS the best active QB. I see the Bills kicking the patriots around and defending a 13 point lead late in the 4th quarter. It all comes down to Gilmore deflecting stopping the Gronk as time expires. Bills by 5.

My Doctor wrote me a prescription just for this game. I figure either way, I'll need a lot of sedatives.

Per Brandon Lang: The Pats are 0-7 after having played the Steelers the week before.
Add to that, the Bills team they're playing...I like our chances.

lets beat the ****ing **** out of these pansyass cheatroits. #BillsMafia

I deleted every Patriots fan from my friends list on Facebook last year. The Superbowl made it easy because I could see anyone that was rooting for them. I don't have any real life friends that like the Patriots and I plan to keep it that way.

I think were all witnessing something special going on here today.

man, what a start!

Holy ****............you cant script it any better than that.

billy checking his cheat sheet

How could that drive been any better? TD after 5:00 TOP.

Brady channelling his inner Trent Edwards to start this drive.

The defense playing "anything you can do, we can do better" with the offense. Love it. And then special teams jumps in, but there is a flag.

Over/under on how much this officiating crew is making from Bob Kraft this week.

Darby on Gronk.....wow!! ***!!!

wow this ref crew ......dam they lettin goldenboy back in it

****, I hate that Edelman guy. Time for the O to answer.

Where was the pass rush on that drive? If Brady has time, he will throw for 400 yards today.

God I hate the pats!

They have 3 ppl who catch passes!! How can we not cover!!!

Brady is still Brady. Time to get to work, Tyrod.

You guys see Edelmen get shoved and his pussy *** ran right up to the ref crying for a flag?

So NE can still hold all day long. That's nice for them

Let the man throw the football. Enough cute passes at Los.

Run..... The......Ball!!!!!!!!!!

*** did we just take stupid pills!!!

Man, this game has turned on a horrible dime. This is all Refs/Patriots right now.

same old, same old against the Pats in every way.
Anyone shocked really?

What the hell is happening? Its like they've already given up.

This is awful. I know there's plenty of game left but **** what happened to the momentum. Come on!!

nothing like bringing your C game vs the pats, they lose, its same old same old.

Refs need to make it less obvious that they are in Kraft's pocket

This ****ttttejdjl is getting ridiculous!!!!!

What the **** are they doing on Special Teams?
What the **** is Roman doing calling these dumbass WR screens?
Are they trying to spot the Cheatriots 14 points?

Hit Brady late in the knees. **** the refs let's do some cheating ourselves

I guess Rex knows Lewis' name now.

yes seems kraft work with ref crew "paying off "....they have gambling on credit ?....penalties are crazy 1 sided .

Something has to be done with A. Williams-- guy is out of control.

This is what makes me hate the NFL.
This crap NEVER EVER changes against the Pats. NEVER.

Back to being the laughing stock of the nfl. That was quick.

Great job bills, way to play disciplined football

This thread is unreadable. Just people complaining about the refs. Enjoy the game fellas.

Still glad Brady's suspension was lifted?

I really don't know how much more of this I can take.

Everybody blaming the refs because our players can't control themselves. What the hell is AW doing going after Chandler on an EP? Even KW gave him an earful on the sidelines. It's dumb. But all of you are blaming the refs.

yeah its always the refs. lol you guys are a joke

we lost

So much for that elite D talk..

The patriots have deal with the devil.

I'm going to sleep

We talked alot of crap for this? I'm heated.

Brady is picking apart old Rex's defense.

the pats are way more hungry...they got that eye of the tiger man >.>

Well, this is not the Bears '85 defense.

Fun and games all week, look who is getting the last laugh. Typical

Gronk, 21-7

Im not sure there is anything more embarrassing than being a bills fan. Cant wait to hear from pats fans tomorrow, broken record for the last 15 years.

Everybody told us. Dont get excited, you won one game. Tap the breaks, you guys have done this several times before, but its different this time, it is. Yeah.

Reality: we will never beat Brady and Belichick. Hope for wildcard and wait til their retirement.

I hope Brady dies horribly and in unimaginable pain.

reading this board is like watching a group of ugly teenage girls complain about the cute girl dating the boy they all like. LOL awesome

I think my spirit is broken.

Gilmore..." I want Gronk ! "...Well..you got him ! And you let him score !!

The stadium sounds like a library now.

our OL is just bad...maybe worse than last year.

Throw the ****ing ball you ****ing dancer!

Wasn't Brady supposed to be the one getting sacked all day?

One hit wonder yeah I said it

Oh no! We suck again!

Jerry Hughes covering Gronk.

Get Aaron Williams out of the game. NOW.

Aaron Williams you stupid idiot!!!

Pull Aaron Williams out of the game. He's ****ing useless if he's going to continue to take stupid penalties. He has no place on the field if he can't control himself.

AW needs to settle down

Great now we are going to lose our best safety because he has lost his marbles!!

Two huge personal foul penalties and dude is acting like he's the victim!

They need to sit Aaron Williams stupid *** rigjt on the bench.

Flag, flag, flag....wait....another flag. **** this ****

omg gonna have to avoid espn at all costs this week ugggggghhhhh

Meet the new boss.............same as the old boss.

Brady is still so **** good.

No pressure on Brady and hes picking us apart.
Shameful............just shameful.

they are ******ed for going for it !!!! lol, momentum swing for sure .. just wait and see

the superbowl is already ruined I can see it clearly now, pats vs whoever they beat
no one is getting by this team.

Go **** off rex

seems like Pats want to keep Bills in the game

td...and misses the point after holy hell

now if I remember the script - pats walk down the field casually, and the score will be 28-13
at halftime

Oh ****ing c'mon! Another Penalty.

There is a special place in hell for this officiating crew.

****ing bull**** call cheaters paying the ****ing refs off

ouch, just really hurt my hand punching the arm of the couch there, I guess there's some hard wood under the padding.

Automatic first down after a huge sack on Brady because of defensive holding on the rookie. And ANOTHER flag on New England. These refs are going flag crazy right now.

Why does it seem like they hardly ever show replays of penalties when the Pats are playing? I would have liked to see the hold on Darby!

I ****ing hate Brady

And now a 40 yard bomb to Lewis. And to add insult to injury, he goes for 15 yards on missed tackles on the first down. Field = flipped.

I hate the Bills

We're going to build a bully.
A very stupid bully.

The second he let that throw go, I yelled to my son, "I don't like that throw at all".

WOW we got ourselves a keeper at QB!

Who the **** was Taylor throwing that to (other than the Cheatriot defender)?

nvm don't ever throw again.. You are so bad taylor

Rex be like HEY HE CAN RUN I WANT HIM AT QB... Laughable

Well that QB competition is feeling like a waste of time already.

And belicheat put on 12 players to make easy on refs to balance out penalties my guess ......imagine kraft outside ref locker room handing out free slot machine tokens .

Just another in a long, never ending string of humiliating losses at the hands of the pats.
At 31-13 after the pats score their next td, it will be game over.

Rex said this is his last shot as head coach , I fully agree

So embarrassing so ridiculous to talk the trash.

This is what happens when you buy into your own hype

sick how brady and manning are old as **** but never take sacks no matter their oline or defense they are playing

As much as it hurts to say it the Patriots are better from the top down than the Bills.
Cheaters or not it doesn't matter they are better and they don't look like they are slowing down at all.
This team we have is cursed. I really am sick to my stomach.
All the chest thumping all week was a joke, and now we look like even bigger chumps.
Games not over but it's probably over.

see i knew i was right 10am is never to early to start drinkign when your a bills fan! heres to hoping for a better second half lol

guys keep in mind, we've had games like this against the Pats before where we were dominant and then the Pats came back and obliterated us in the 2nd half. it ain't over till it's over

How the **** did Edelman just gain 19 yards?

That Gronk player is pretty good

Had to go get liquor during the half lol. Saw a bills fan on the street in Bronx NYC.

Ryan is a defensive genius.

I hate this Pats dink dunk crap.

The Pats offense is like no other. So effective with quick short passes.

This defense is horrible. What the heck can't stop a man in a wheelchair.

I am beginning to get the feeling that this game is not going to end well for us. If Tyrod Taylor has magic, now is the time for him to go full Gandolf on this ****.

Im gonna be sick.
Ive been looking forward to this game all week............and now im looking forward to doing yardwork.
Enjoy the game guys...........im out.

I bet Rex knows Dion Lewis's name after today...

Tryin' hard to get that POS chandler a TD.
Nice job, butter fingers.

Pats trying to troll the bills withs chandler score.

Chandler comes through again for us

Goid thing Scott Chandler sucks

OMG another Personal Foul (on the bench). This is an embarrassment to the city and the league.

****ing Taylor tjrows a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 10 when he has no pressure?

Same old Millennium BS 3rd down Pass. You need 8 and throw for 4. Mail in.

Bills are cooked. Are the Pats this good? Are the Colts that bad?

Rex's press conferences are fun to watch but I'd rather win a lot of games. The pats are good but the mental mistakes and lack of discipline is bush.

Just give the trophy to the Pats now

Just please for the love of god someone defend that maggot gronkowski. please!!!

Can we just put up the white flag?

Aaron Williams goes down every game...Goodwin 2.0

Sadly I've watched this same exact Bills/Pats game twice a year for the last 10 years and nothing ever changes.

Tom Brady is going to buy the Bills when he retires, That way he can keep owning them

Brady owns us. He'll now be 24-3 against the Bills. This is just stupid ! Retire already !

Why is New England the only team in the league that has slot receivers running WIDE OPEN over and over and over?????
Why is New England the only team that consistently run pick plays with no flag? Screen plays with guys blocking downfield before the pass is even thrown? Offensive lineman holding all the time?
Everything about this team is so ****ing shady.

Can we also stop the " Rex gives Belichik " issues. It's now going to be 4-10. 10 wins is the most against another coach ever ! Belichick owns Rex, and it's not even close.

Yup go for the knees. Time to take off the gloves and play at their level

Aaron is garbage too he left with his tails between his legs but on a ambulance.Talking all that smack pussy cat.

A bunch of GOD **** losers. Pats own us. We phuking suck. **** this team.

You do realize that you can block downfield if the pass is caught behind the line of scrimmage?.
Bills fans running out of things to cry about and now making up rules that the Pats are breaking

Yes leave brady in .....lets see who carted off next !

This doesn't even bother me. I thought we'd beat the Pats but it's obvious until Brady retires or significantly declines in play, we got no shot.

the Patriots did it again. they deflated the balls of the buffalo Bills

What happened to all the trash talking. At least be men and go down with the ship or just shut the hell up. What needs to happen is to give the Bills to the CFL so they can be losers in 2 leagues. All hail New England and Tom Brady, King of the NFL and the North East. God save the Tom.

Ignoring this game. It's not real so can't judge anything.

the pats lose Revis and Browner and gain nobody.
The bills add Harvin, Clay, McCoy, Felton, Incognito
and we have gained nothing on the pats

This team is bad yes. The Patriots just made us look like a high school varsity team. Would be surprised if we win 4 games this year.

I'm in the same boat. I'll judge off every other opponent not the Pats. Sense they cheat is difficult to determine how well or how poorly a team plays against them. Look at the steelers. They should have easily won that game against new England but.... look at the steelers this week. Go figure. The bills will still win 13

We would lose to as college team at this point.

Get rid of the ****ing train whistle. Rinky dink orgnaization is a joke.

lol scumbag pats as usually come out with 5 WR sets winning 34 to 13 going into 4th

Nonsense. This was THE game. The Pats know it; they're neutralizing the Bills as a threat. Emasculating them.

"I hope I get Gronk, to be honest with you"
- RIP Stephon Gilmore 9/20/2015

You're delusional. This team OWNS us. No matter who lines up across from him or the offense is, the Patriots know how to beat us. I'm the biggest Bills fan in the world. I bleed red, white and blue and my heart is broken right now. But I'm looking at facts.

NE has 8 sacks..We have what 1 ?

The refs are hard to swallow for sure but tom Brady is unfortunately for us the best Ever and I wish he was done with football

Yep..............arguably the best D in the league has one sack...............and im pretty sure that our one sack was negated by a penalty.
Its sad really.

Yay the scoreboard won't look as bad.

RE:he will still be playing in his mid 40's
I really think he will, as well. He's 38, and is playing better than ever. He is great at avoiding hits, and he does benefit from some protective officiating. He will be productive for 2 or 3 more years. This nightmare won't be over any time soon.

Brady still throwing. No conservative play calling on the road with Belichick. We turtles up in the 3rd quarter last week. The Patriots are playing like they want 50.

Watching the game, you would think we had 3 rookies starting on the o-line and the pats had one of the best defenses in the NFL.

I'm so used to getting beat by them it doesn't even both me anymore.

Julian Edleman......
He annoys me.
Very much so.

Belicheck spends all his fee time thinking about football.
Rex Ryan spends all his free time ****ing around like a child.

Sammy Watkins is a bill

What ****ing bull****?!!??!?!?!? Oh **** these refs

TELL ME THEY AREN'T CHEATING!!! Try to rationally make that arguement

13 penalties forcBills, 11 for Pats...but hey, it's the refs.

I hope Brady throws another td. Would help my fantasy.

They're still passing? This is amazing
And Pats fans say it's not arrogance??? I'm starting to HOPE someone on the Pats gets hurt

Watkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE GAME ISNT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REALLY wish we had scored those 2 point conversions...

I still don't see us pulling this off

Pats greed has made this a game.

RE: Could this really happen?

Very sorry Tyrod
Very sorry Watkins
Very Sorry Rex
Very sorry Bills
I was about attack all these guys....LETSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

BS *** flag

Surprise surprise...

Brady and his new best bud gettin close there... Mr. Zebra man

Edelman and Amendola are true super stars.

Danny freaking Amendola.

What a catch...

How does the Bills defense give me -3 in fantasy? ? REALLY? ?

Well, here's our chance.. 1 min to tie the game.

Come on bills lets goooo!

And that is the end of that

Well that was a major let down.

*** was that. Really! !!***!!!!

Well that was the perfect way to end the game, another idiotic pass by Taylor.

Megatron does not reside at One Bills Drive.
Lower your ****ing throws.

Wow, Ryan did not want to shake Belicheat's hand.

Defense definitely gets the deflated game ball for the day. Putrid

So much for Rex being a defensive genius. 400+ yards, our d really beasted out there today...

Shhhh were the 85 bears!