The 2015 Patriots offense is better than 2007

Yes, it has only been two games. Yes, 2007's offense led the team to a 16-0 season regular season.

Still, this 2015 Patriots offense is better than 2007. Let's look at the numbers.

In 2007, Wes Welker caught 112 balls for 1175 yards and 8 touchdowns. Randy Moss holds the single season touchdown record catching 23. He also racked up 1493 yards and 98 catches. Tom Brady's stat line that year: 50 touchdowns, 4806 yards and a 68.9 completion percentage.

Just sick numbers but, I'm still taking this years squad.

Not that these guys will actually reach these milestones (and it is not the reason I am picking them over 2007), but lets look at what Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady project to total at the end of this season if their averages hold up.

Edelman: 176 catches, 1552 yards and 16 touchdowns.
Gronkowski: 96 catches, 1656 yards and 32 touchdowns.
Brady: 6032 yards passing, 56 touchdowns on a 69.2 completion percentage.

God-like numbers and it's fun to think about, but again, not the reason why this 2015 offense is better.

There are two reasons. First, the supporting cast.

I think we all can agree that the similarity between this years team and 07's is that they were power by a "Big 3" of either Moss-Welker-Brady or Gronk-Edelman-Brady. In 2007, the running game consisted of Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk. The tight ends were Kyle Brady and Ben Watson. And the rest of the receiving core was just Donte' Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney. 

This year they have Dion Lewis running and catching the ball out of the backfield. LeGarrette Blount will be a force as the power back in few weeks time. They also have Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson and Brandon Lafell (when he gets off PUP) as other wide outs. Not to mention another 6'7 reciving option at the other tight end spot in Scott Chandler.

This 2015 team is deep and it's part of the reason why I feel like this comparison is not even close. 

The second and final reason why this current collection of Patriots is better offensively is because Rob Gronkowski is harder to cover than Randy Moss.

Gronk is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses and when healthy it's practically impossible. With Randy, however uncommon it was in 07, you could cover him. Gronk also give you the ability to almost completely eliminate the blitz with his crossing route.

This most recent game in Buffalo, Tom Brady got most of his throws out under 2 seconds proving the Bills front four, that we heard so much about last week, useless. To get the most out of Moss, you had to allow him to get down field which could sometimes take 3 or 4 seconds. If a team can contain him or at least disrupt his path (like the Giants did) it allows time to your linemen to get through the line break down the pocket and get to Brady.

Wherever Randy falls on your "G.O.A.T. List" of wide receivers, it won't be where Gronk ends up on his; the top.

Now this team may not go 16-0 (even if the schedule looks promising) because the defense is still young and you never know what can happen any given Sunday, but they still could end up doing something the 2007 team couldn't.

Win it all.

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