The Week 3 MVPatriot

In our new weekly post, we look at who was the most valuable player or players for the Patriots in the last weeks game.

 In the 51-17 thumping over the Jacksonville Jaguars, there could have been many MVPatriots.

With our readers help via Facebook and Twitter, we worked it down to 2 players.

The first co-MVPatriot is the man under center: Tom Brady. Again he was masterful with his quick release completing 33 of 42 passes for 358 yards and 2 touchdowns. He hit nine different receivers on the day and looked a sharp as ever.

He also became just the fourth player in NFL history to throw 400 touchdowns in his career.

Second, is the return of Blount-Force-Trauma.

The big back found a lot of his carries when the game was all but secured, but he made the most of it carrying the rock 18 times for 78 yards and 3 touchdowns.

This is a welcoming site for Patriot fans that Blount has gotten rolling this season. Now he and Dion Lewis can be that thunder and lightning, one-two punch that the Patriots backfield hasn't really seen since the early days of Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney.
Brady and Blount were at the front of the class this week against the Jags and were a big part as to why they are 3-0 heading into the bye week.

Want to chime in on who should be the MVPatriot after the Cowboys game?

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Photo Credit: Al Bello / Getty Images North America

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