Tom Brady is NFL's quickest draw, has helped with O-Line development, and Ryan Allen got paid for literally doing nothing

A few quick/interesting Patriots-related nuggets to get to before we close the book on Jacksonville and somehow survive this bye week.

Tom Brady is the NFL's quickest draw:

He's getting the ball off in two seconds or less, which has helped him put up monster numbers through three games. No one is smarter at picking up what a defense is going to do than Brady is. How he's doing this at 38 years old is insane.

Through three weeks of the 2015 season, the Patriots have taken the quick game to another level. According to data tracking done by Pro Football Focus, Brady has gotten the ball out in an average of 2.09 seconds over the course of his 133 passes this season, the fastest time since PFF began recording the stat back in 2011. Before 2015, the quickest anyone had averaged before throwing the football was Peyton Manning's 2.24 seconds last season.

Brady is completing 80% of his passes this year when he drops back within 2.5 seconds after the ball is snapped. Incredible.

He's also helped with the development of the offensive line:

Remember last year at this time when one of the biggest question marks of the eventual Super Bowl champions was the offensive line? That problem seems to be long gone, and Brady has apparently had a lot to do with it.

Offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo likes what he sees, especially when it comes to Brady and rookie center David Andrews.

"I mean, him and Tom, it's like they've been together a long time," said DeGuglielmo, now in his second year as offensive line coach. "They have an understanding of one another, they work well, and it’s a credit to David being very intelligent and Tom also understanding, ‘Hey, I'm bringing this guy along until we get back some of these other guys.’"

Shaq Mason and Tre Jackson have also played well at the guard positions when they've been in there. It also helps that Brady is getting the ball out so quickly, so the line isn't battling opponents for a lengthy period of time on each play.

Ryan Allen was paid $34K for doing next to nothing the entire game on Sunday:

How awesome must Ryan Allen feel right now? He didn't have to punt once on Sunday and collected a paycheck. The only time he saw any action was when he was holding for Stephen Gostkowski. He earned $34,441 for doing that.

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