Tom Brady Sr. rips apart idiot radio host, calls Roger Goodell a "flaming liar"

Chip Franklin of KGO Radio out in San Francisco is not a smart man.

He proved as much when he rambled on his radio show that he'd rather have Tim Tebow on his team over Tom Brady because Tebow is a "gamer" and a "winner," while adding that "he's a guy that everyone likes," while Brady is a "cheater," a "poor sport" and a "big freaking baby."

Franklin continued to praise Tebow, saying that Brady "doesn't have anywhere near the same presence" as Tebow on the football field. And in case you also didn't know, Tebow will "put his body on the line" for the team to win. Brady of course NEVER does that.

Franklin's argument is so ridiculously stupid there's no reason to explain it other than him being a troll and a dink. He's a hack that sits in front of his mic and only serves to stir the pot and make some waves. That's his gig, that's his shtick. He looks like WEEI's Gerry Callahan and has #HotTakez like Gary Tanguay.

After enduring Franklin's ridiculous bullcrap for much too long, it was none other than Tom Brady Sr. who called into the show to tell Franklin he was "full of crap." Brady Sr. also turned his guns to Roger Goodell and the NFL, accusing him and the league of lying in the entire investigation, finishing by calling him "a flaming liar," pointing to the other investigations that have blown up in his face.

Brady Sr. also accused ESPN and the NFL of spreading "propaganda" to control the message against Brady. And after Brady Sr. continues to own Franklin on every point, good ole' Chip opts to cut off the call and end it.

Catch the full conversation below, you do not want to miss it.

Photo Credit: USA Today