Top 3 plays of the Patriots win over the Jaguars

Starting now, we'll take a look at the 3 best plays from every Patriots game until their season ends.

There wasn't a whole lot to talk about last week considering the Patriots eviscerated the Jacksonville Jaguars, but we can definitely dig up some memorable moments.

1. Tom Brady's 400th career touchdown pass to Danny Amendola

This was the No. 1 highlight of the day, considering Brady made history. He became the fourth quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw for 400 touchdowns, and there are many more to come.

2. Devin McCourty's interception

The Jaguars were driving into Patriots' territory with under two minutes to go in the second half when Blake Bortles tried to fire a pass down the field that was picked by McCourty. He returned it to the Patriots 43-yard line, setting them up with excellent field position. The ensuing drive ended with our top play of the week.

3. LeGarrette Blount's 22-yard run

The thinking behind this pick is that this was Blount's first major action of the season and he showed no signs of rust with this 22-yard run. Yes, he scored three touchdowns, but they were all from the one-yard line. There's really nothing flashy about this play, but for a lot of Patriots fans, it was nice to see Blount getting heavily involved in the offense.

Honorable mention: Gronk's 17th 100-yard game

He didn't get into the end zone, although he got pretty close on more than one occasion, but Rob Gronkowski was a huge factor last week as he always is. Of all the awesomeness in this video, my favorite highlight is Gronk's 49-yard catch and run in the first quarter, since that set them up for Dion Lewis's touchdown that put them up 7-0.

What did you think of my picks? Do you disagree with any of them?

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