Cowboys fans weren't really the most entertaining bunch. They mostly complained about Brandon Weeden, Jason Garrett and the Patriots' pick plays. None of them really expected to win this game at any point, but they seemed to feel they could've built a pretty big lead on the Patriots without all their injuries. I won't get into that what if game, but here's what Cowboys fans had to say about what happened yesterday.


If someone just turned on the game, they would have thought we've been kneeling the ball the first half

Can this just end already. Just punt it on first down and call it a day.

Well great game plan garrett, the roll over and play dead maneuver.


Waiting all week for Sunday...afternoon!

Phil Simms thinks Brandon Weeden has played very well for a backup.

Weeden freaking sucks.

LOL seriously? Why are they comparing their win percentages?

Hardy and McClain are getting the Defense on another level. Too bad our Offense wont do anything until Romo comes back.

Weeden is turrible

The defense can't keep holding the cheatriots back... Offense needs to actually MOVE the ball

Greg Hardy AGAIN!!!!!!!


Hardy just dont like Tom Brady lol

We are smoking baby Brady

well, 3-0 Deflatriots... let's see if the offense can actually get something going now

Dude the Patriots cheat.. funny how they're not talking about that

We finally get a first down. (by penalty) LOL

Jim Nantz won't shut up about Greg Hardy. We get it, you don't think his media jokes were funny. Can we move on?

CBS is awful. Phil Simms needs a dirty sock crammed in his mouth

hope Hightower isn't badly injured. Never like to see an injury unless it's Murray

Hightower hurt.. welcome to dallas where you will get injured...

Now if NE will just get about 6 more penalties, maybe we can score. :D

Whi thought this would be a defensive game at the beginning of this year... i believe everyone thought it would be a shootout... injuries suck

Way better than I thought at this point of the game!

Dan "BAIL MONEY" Bailey...bailing out our O with another FG

Hardy sacks brady so hard the ball deflated

Pats already changed their scheme

Watching weeden is excruciating.

Even if brady makes the pass, hit him hard

LEE said not today Lewis.
Not against this defense

Simms is dick riding at a whole new level today. SMH

heavy dose of running coming up from NE

The Dallas Cowboys really do have the worst home field advantage. We are the only team that plays 16 games on the road.

The Patriots have punted more in this game than they have in the last 2. That's sayin something

Where was this defense the last few weeks????

Cowboys stop the Patriots 3rd and 1 conversion streak.

Paul blart mall cop will predict our offense all day

so why did we not just run the ball

Lee is smarter than Brady

Put in cassel.

Oh look. The Defense is playing lights out while the Offense has NOTHING to offer. Where have I seen this before?

Uh oh, time to get Gronked

Why are we putting our safeties 20 yards deep on SECOND AND 5

We can only hold em so long, for the love of God, put Cassell in....

Watch as the pats get it going in the 2nd half. The defense will be tired and then when the game ends they get blamed for not stopping the Pats offense. If I were Marinelli, I'd take a pipe to Linnehan's head.

man I'm glad the refs have their eyes open for that crap

Every team runs picks on us and never gets called,

I bet Brady has taken a dump in those undies a few times already.

Those boys are NUKING Brady.
Dude's going to need a 4-hour ice bath after this one.

Tom looks PI$$ed!!!!

Like I said. Once this team is healthy, absolutely nobody will stop them. And that's a Cold Hard Fact.


Brady will fold with this pressure. You can see him crying on the sideline.

Can Hardy play qb?

Can this even be called offense? We are going backward.

great drive offense, get yourself some gatorade for all that hard work

Great job by the defense thus far! Pretty impressive.
Too bad our offense sucks big time.

If Romo was in, we'd have 3 tds....

I'm sure TO is better than every receiver on this team not named Dez.

Defense will have to win the game with a pick 6, fumble recovery for a TD, and Special Teams TD. Well, I can dream, can't I?


Damn,that Lewis is quick!

Well at least we have an awesome stadium. Got to appreciate the small things in life.

Man I hate that cry baby Brady

Belicheat vs. Garrett
Experience vs. Idiot

Why didn't Brady get a flag for excessive celebration... oh wait, it's Crybrady

"Brady, Brady, Brady" chant breaks out after Tom Brady's 1-yard TD.

Tom you ***** - wow- real inspiring...playin a team without their startin QB and WR....stay classy

Bwaahahahahaha, the Cowboys will try to answer. Hahahahaha, with that tub of lard Weeden at QB? Not on your life man.


brady must be ended on this drive. I cant look at his ugly face any longer.

Weeden gives us 0% chance to win. Cant believe this guy started for an NFL team previously.

Garrett is demonstrating his inability to grasp the game that is going in front of him
When your playing the Pats if you play conservative that plays in their hands because they are going to go after you
Then by the time you adjust the strategy is the score is too far behind

Byron JOnes is doing a pretty good job on Gronk


Fake injury shoe fell off

lolz. Down drops our only chance of containing Gronk

With romo and dez we would be leading this game by a lot

I can't watch anymore of this. I'm taking a bath to relax. Happy Sunday all!

La'el Collins and Matt Cassel from here on out.....

If someone just turned on the game, they would have thought we've been kneeling the ball the first half

I mean look I get this is the patriots. But their defense is not this good. I watch them every week as I'm from new England and this is just terrible. The freakin pats offense is starting at their own 30 plus all game

Hee Hee. But he's gonna get PO'd and carve us up.

that should be a PI call for pushing down White on the Cheatriots Receiver

Of course he made a career long. It's the Cowboys.

5 sacks, but still losing by 10...put Cassel and Michael in while the game is still winnable. I repeat:
5 sacks, but still losing by 10...put Cassel and Michael in while the game is still winnable.

Well, our offense can't score, but it is kinda fun watching the Defense smack Brady around. I didn't really think we were gonna win today anyway, so no surprise.

There you go, he's sticking with Weeden....this might get ugly.... way to go, puppet..

Jerry we need Cassel! Weeden couldn't spark a portable gas grill with a flame thrower!

Take away Brady, Gronk and half their D, and NE would have a loss or 2 already. NOT an excuse or speculation--guaranteed!

Reporter: "Any chance we are going to see Matt Cassel today?" Garrett: "No, we are expecting Weeden to break his NFL10-game losing against the best team in football by showing us skills that we have yet to see."

The pats are not that great....and our offense is that bad...

Garrets response to questions.. "Well, we're going to play with our legos and eat some paint chips, still do the same thing and hope that it works this time."

We have 5 sacks... how is this happening

"Any chance We might be seeing Cassell in the second half?" Garrett says " No, were just gonna keep banging away."
What I heard "No, were going to be content on losing this game too."

Save Cassel for Giants, this game is lost. Act like Weeden is starter then cut him 15 minutes before kickoff against Giants.

Garrett will stick with this game plan that does not work

Patriots will score this drive. Man, this team sucks.

Those ***** ass pick plays. Holy crap.

The Pats are running crossing pattens and now they go back to the runn!
They did this against Seatle in the Superbowl!

so far the Cheatriots have been guilty of 2 pass interference calls that the officials can't be bothered to make. Corey White being pushed down by their receiver and Gronk pushing Byron Jones out of the way to get to the ball.

This is one of those lull to sleep first then blow out games. 44-3

Ah well. Had to know we could only hold up for so long. This is ****in bull****. Can't wait for the BYE and to come out and kick the **** out of the Giants.

Can this just end already. Just punt it on first down and call it a day.

Go Boys Go! Somehow!!!!!!!!!

I really hate Tom Brady. Such a dork.

We have 59 total yards

Yall ready for this exciting 3 and out football?

While Phil Simms salivates over the coverage by Butler.. is it just hard for him to see that Butler was guilty of illegal contact by hitting Williams 8 yards down the field? A lotta guys can cover if you let them grab and hold with impunity all over the field.

wow Garrett really has our boys coached up lol.

Weeden making Patriots D look like world beaters!

That was a great catch by street

Don't ruin this drive.. No penalties...

i think NE defense wore out watching the offense and want to make it interesting! Here's a field goal or an INT!

Safe high percentage throw for minimal gain. Weeden has plenty of those up his sleeve

now we will see.........if NE scores on this drive we can all turn the game off.

We need a turnover from the great cheater, Brady...

Well hey the upside is that weedum is going for a perfect record!!! 0-11... nice job Weedum

The Pats are going to run out the clock!

Blount always falls forward for yards. Our offense desperately misses that.

Conservative play calling was never going to win this game. Now, Brady will dink and dunk all the way to the red zone.

Keyshawn scrub Martin beating our scrubs

Pats stay picking with their cheating selves.

Cheating a$$ pats.

S**** Edleman

Defense is done for.. What a shame.. Some one hit brady again... Let him know we are still around... Don't start giving up run though.. Stand up Defense...

Seems like ya'll were pretty happy with Garrett last year? No one can outcoach all the injuries we have on O! Your top ten QB, top 4 WR??? loss of Murray...


Well, at least the D didn't have to stay on the field long. :rolleyes:

that's game folks. I'm going back to SWTOR.

these commentators praise of the patriots is sickening...but i get it, Dallas is a reflection of the coaching staff....

Just ugly.. Another pick play should have been called. Pretty evident when they stick there hands in the air. Wide open.. Done deal..

U gotta love cheaters they always win. PIC PLAY EVERY FREAKING DOWN AND THES DUMB A-- REFS DON'T SEE IT

Patriots receivers are coached to get open. Call them picks or rub routes but they are coached up every year no matter who they have at receiver!

New England picktriots are starting to get going

Welcome to 2-3 ville!!

Brady-Edleman = lovers

We may have time for a couple more 3 and outs

That was a 'mercy' go for it.
Pats were like, we're running a simple play, guys. Just stop us.
Your coach is an idiot....we know.

I like the bush league decision by the Pats to rub in by going for it on 4th. JG lacks that mean streak

injure weeden !
i don't even care for the score anymore !

Pats wanted to stick it to us BAD, going for it instead of kicking the FG, and we stuff 'em! HA! Eat it, you greedy bastards!

weeden sacked.
have never seen a QB lay down so quickly !

Brandon Weeden running with the football? Dude, you couldn't finish that sentence without laughing.


Jesus ******* bench weeden!! Whagt is this team doing>!?!?!?!@ down 3 scores in 3rd and long? Throw a check down. Wanna try and win the game? Throw some picks right to the defender. just STUPID

******* jusr let gronk score... just let him... why the **** not

We need to give the Patriots anothet injury. At least win at something

The fat lady isn't just singing, she's getting dry humped in her dressing room... :lol: :lol:

This is where Brady sweeps the leg and tries to throw for 2 more td's

Still not impressed with the Pats

I'd take the gas station attendant and the beer salesman to at least complete a few passes to open receivers.

yeah its time to go Cobra Kai and run up the score. New England does it best. I dont really wish injury on anyone but smug ass Tom Brady is an exception


weeden 3&out, 3&out, 3&out, 3&out, 3&out, 3&out. etc...

These commentators speaking about the 07 Patriots,... That movie didn't end as planned introduce the NY Giants who jacked that Hollywood ending with a SB Victory annihilating the hoopla of a "perfect season" BS
Don't forget the Giants are waiting for them and can't ruin the party once again


Loooooool....that was slow death,watching our offense for 4 qrts. 😒


Well we got an ass whipping in our house. Complete disarray in the franchise without Romo...can we just hand him the MVP award now if the definition of MVP is "without this player we are complete garbage?"

Well great game plan garrett, the roll over and play dead maneuver.

Looks like a poop sandwich.

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