Report: Locker room sweep of Gillette did occur, Jets did not make request

Former NFL QB and current football analyst Boomer Esiason reported this morning on his weekday radio show that the New York Jets asked the NFL to sweep their locker room before Sunday's game at Gillette against the Patriots.

Yeah, we know, "this S#*^ again?"

But, there are many comical things to pull from Esiason's report, and the best might just be that no one on either side is confirming (or denying) that any such request was made.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:
Contacted by PFT, the Jets declined comment regarding the situation. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Jets did not request that the locker room be swept for bugs; however, the source did not deny that the locker room was swept for bugs. The Patriots likewise had no comment on the situation, and the NFL could not immediately be reached for comment.

An hour or so later, the NFL was finally available for comment, and they contend that the Jets "made no such request." Yet Florio confirmed that a sweep of the visitors' locker room did in fact occur, regardless of whether or not the Jets requested it.

So, if a locker room sweep did occur, and if the Jets deny making the request, AND if the NFL confirmed that the Jets didn't ask for the sweep, who could've possibly been responsible for said sweep....?

Photo credit: Bleacher Report