Ring Envy - What Jaguars fans said - 9/27

The Patriots and Jaguars faced off last week, and it wasn't much of a contest. Not that Jags fans were really expecting much else. Jacksonville fans are pretty funny, with a lot of quips about their own team. They seem pretty displease with their coach and QB, but seemed pretty resigned to the fact that a blowout was inevitable.

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Jaguars players:
"We're playing the Patriots?? Oh, my knee! I can't play."
"Yeah, I hurt my knee too, but it's my ankle."

We just make being bad look so easy

Can we just forfeit at the end of 3? please? lol

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There can never be enough asterisks when facing New England and Belicheat!

Dear Lord, they are 9-1 against us? And that one was against their backup, if I remember correctly. Bledsoe was hurt and I think it was Zolac, or something like that? Just going by numbers, the Patriots' number has to be up at some point. It's like when we were 10-0 against the Browns/Ravens. That fell apart quickly.
That said, I'm thinking it goes to 10-1.

cheatriots vs. Jagwads

Not to ruin your excitement or anything, but I'm actually not excited one bit. I'm usually really hyped for every game the Jags play, but I'm not feeling this one. All the injuries are bringing me down :\

Did we lose yet?

Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!

I just hope we cover the spread.

Can you imagine the sentiment on this game if they still had Browner and Revis?

Jaguars players:
"We're playing the Patriots?? Oh, my knee! I can't play."
"Yeah, I hurt my knee too, but it's my ankle."

Break a neck, brady.

Brady is a flamer

Coin-Toss-Gate - They always win the toss. Please investigate!!

damn this wont even be a close game

What's a Tight End?

How are we this bad?

Lol jags

We just make being bad look so easy

they need to jam gronk at the line. not just let him run through zones. idiots.

hey...lets leave the best TE in the NFL wide open.

Didn't even want to tackle him. Oh boy.

We are dead

Patriots kicker is about to break an NFL record on PATs. What doesn't this team do right?

We won't score here. Gotta be realistic. Jags are done.

Sooooo bad. This is going to be sooooo bad

Im hoping for TWO yards this drive.

Yep I'm logging off. Enjoy the murder. Hope they call the game at half.

At least Brady won't need to shower after the game

"We're on to Indianapolis"

Time for the ole run, run, pass punt routine.

TE catch wow! very rare but nice

hey our tight ends can catch!

Wow Bortles

This team .........

Good punt from the weapon


God we suck

Edelman is uncoverable.

we lost

Brady already over 100 yards lol. He is gonna hit 500 yards today.

I think I just saw NE's punter on the sideline begging to be put in so he can make a reception too.

Belichick said Gronk had enough the first drive, give Edelman some stats too.

Brady escaping a sack. we are doomed. lol

we win only if brady goes down

something positive for the jags D, brady flustered out of pocket. incomplete pass

[BAD WORD REMOVED] do the Jags do? Not scout?

Jaguars D make the pats scrub rbs look like hall of famers.

Guess we'll see how good Garroppolo is today.

Why did they leave the middle of the field wide open?

How do you beat Brady? If you blitz he'll beat you deep down the seams. If you don't he'll dink and dunk all the way to the end zone.

We are on the way to getting blown out.

You don't beat Brady. If you're good enough, you beat the patriots, but the only person that's gonna beat Brady is himself.

Tom Brady 8/10 112 yards passing, and it's still the 1st quarter. That is one scary stat right there.

Alright boys let's do something ! Of course that's like asking my Grandma to go out and get a TD.

BeliGOAT has this team figured out

Patriots offense wants to rest for a minute. They probably don't want us to go 3 and out AGAIN.

Ground and pound it

Nice to see a couple drives with first downs. Next up, a score?

Its such such a juxtaposition seeing these two teams playing each other.

So apparently this Brady guy is good. If you didn't already know that, the announcers will let you know every other statement.

Bortles is an idiot!

What's with the fake hand off to the invisible guy

Is it possible to get a TD?

Blake is completing 38% of his pass no one has a problem with this?

It's a win for Jags to get Pats to see a 3rd down.

Well at least they had a couple 3rd down that drive lol

They have guys I have never heard of making us look like chumps.

safe to say we lost

House got a hand to the face too and still knocked it down

The stadium has been really quiet today. I like it.

Honestly I am not too disappointed with the D. The Pats are the Pats and we are hanging in there

Bortles gonna bortles

We're on to Indianapolis.

they get the ball back after the half lol

Grats to Brady on 400. Crazy accomplishment honestly

400 td passea. I don't think our franchise has scored that many...ever

Can we keep it to a 5 score game?

Did the team forget to drink their get better juice?

Question is will our score actually reach the double digits.

Jags are down 20-3 at the half. What would be your rallying speech to get this team back in the game?

nothing, just cover the spread.

It's sad when you have to cross your fingers whenever Blake throws a pass. I'm never confident in him and always terrified with short AND deep passes. He makes stupid decisions at the worst moments in the game and it bites us in the *** every time.

Edelman and Gronk have been unstoppable this season

That tip would have been a pick for 31 other teams. #becausejaguars

They have the best coach and best QB of all time with the best scheme, best coaching staff, and best scouts.
They will always be open and a team like the Jags will never stop them.

Pats have double the rushing yards the Jags do..just sad.

Wish I was big enough to bash Gronk's face in


Dear Sir Mr. Brady, PLEASE SIGN MY BALL..

I didn't think it would be a close game (in fact I think I said 3 score game pats in the prediction thread) but I didnt think our offense would be this bad against their D

Anyone notice tge Patriots players always keep going, driving ,and tge Jags fall on first contact?

Our division is so bad we still might be tied for 1st after this game

Aha I see what the defense is doing, just get pass interference so it doesn't add up the yardage they are giving up. Not a terrible idea

The patriots punter has the easiest job in the world today. He might as well sleep in

Did they tape our practices?

We believe in Mediocrity!

As a Jag fan, I PRAY for at least mediocrity

This. I would love mediocrity. 8-8 would be REALLY nice!

20 more points and a defensive shut out left to go

i remember when it was 13-3.

We just gave the Pats a reason to run up the score even more

We should just let new England score cause the defense looks pathetic

Seriously people...what were you expecting? We are projected to win 5 games this year, what are the chances 1 of them is going to be against the Pats? If we were playing this game a year ago the score would be 30-0.

As long as Brady keeps throwing TDs, I'm good.

jags make brady look like big ben buying time in the pocket.

Jags helping teams break records

Maybe this is just a pass skel before the game starts?

Well at least they are not in the same division.

Just make the pain stop

There is still 18 minutes in the game? They might score 60

I loved the 2007 playoff game where Brady had the most consecutive complete passes ever. We made Brady!

Are we supposed to have parity or parody?

HA HA HA HA HA all you can do is laugh right now to keep from crying

Desperation makes a stinky cologne.

Well at least they don't have to waste the clock before they score now

They should just disband this team. The whole thing is a disaster

Still throwing the ball!!! God I hate the patriots

Who is Scott Chandler?

Can we just forfeit at the end of 3? please? lol

The Patriots are savages if they keep their starters in for the next drive...

We believe in victory and stuff

Patriots might as well go for the most points scored ever in a game record as well. They already broke 3 records today...

"I told the guys it was a tough loss, but on the positive side.......everybody is getting a trophy!"

My favorite part about losses are the different versions of Gus taking the team for ice cream. I laugh at every one, even though I know they're coming.

Anger is the mvp for the Jaguars

I'm actually kind of interested in seeing how many more points the Patriots can score lol.

Dude, the patriots are throwing on first.

Well, a few weeks ago, we thought we would be playing against Jimmy G. this game. We will get our wish soon.

HaHa......Boselli just said the Patriots are "taking the air out of the ball "

out coached, out played, out classed, out everything... I don't want to hear gus after the game. Just come out and say the obvious. "WE SUCK, that is all"

Brady still throwing, and Bradley will keep running. #becausejaguars

Throw the TD Brady, I need you

They scored on all 9 drives smh.......

And people cry when the national media says something bad about the Jags..

Is Bill Belichick even still at the game? I think I saw him driving home.

Just air it out, why not, who cares about ints at this point.

But, we showed promise in the preseason. Bortles worked on his mechanics. blah blah blah blah

Why didn't anyone warn me about the season ending?

This is when the Jags Shine!!!!!!!!! Garbage time!

Bortles piling up the stats now, baby!

I don't think it's necessary to throw the ball when up by 34 but thats why they are hated by everyone

Henne: Put me in coach, I'm a garbage time GOD

We don't even know the 2 min warning is coming... lol so lost. /sarcasm

I feel like the pats are letting us score. Kind of like putting a child with a handicap in a basketball game..

This makes me mad. They look somewhat good when it doesn't matter. What the hell

If Brady goes back in... that's a bit much....