Sheldon Richardson's comments misconstrued by the media

Yesterday, it sounded as if Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson guaranteed a victory against the Patriots on Sunday. However, it sounds like his comments were taken out of context.

Here are his quotes in full, per Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo! Sports:

This is going to be another win for us. We’ll let you all write the columns about validating wins and stuff like that. This is going to be another win in the win column if we got out there and execute and do what we’re supposed to do," Richardson told Metro.

"We’re going to be up in the division, that’s how we’re going to look at it. We’re going to be the front-runners, that’s how we look at it."

According to Rohrbach, local and national publications took his comments and ran with them, writing headlines to make it sound like Richardson was guaranteeing a win. The Jets even stepped in, saying Richardson was trying to portray what a win would mean for the team moving forward. Given that Richardson has a history of taking shots at the Patriots, it's easy to understand how his comments were twisted. Yes, the "this is going to be another win for us," part of it looks bad, but what is he supposed to say?

If you still think it looks like a guarantee after reading the whole quote (which it still sort of does, so I can't really blame someone for thinking that), that's fine. But read the whole thing, not just the first sentence.

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