VIDEO: Top 3 plays of the Patriots' win over the Cowboys

The Patriots put together a dominant 30-6 win over the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, and the game featured some memorable plays.

I apologize in advance for the quality of some of these videos. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't provide embed codes for their videos to be used on blogs and other websites, so the videos are mostly going to be from Instagram/Vine from here on out.

1. Dion Lewis shakes multiple defenders for a touchdown

How awesome was this? First, Lewis had to tip the ball with one hand and control it, then to elude four defenders and escape tackles the way he did on his way to the end zone was brilliant. This kid is shining, and he's only getting better.

2. Tom Brady's classic quarterback to put the Pats ahead for good

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No one in the league is better at the quarterback sneak than Brady is. This play put the Patriots up for good, and what made it even better was seeing him spike the football and yell "let's go!" at the end of the play. That probably pissed a ton of Brady haters off, but no doubt every single Patriots fan loved it.

3. Brady and Julian Edelman connect for a 59-yard touchdown

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The game was already over at this point, but any time Brady and Edelman hook up for a score, it's fun to watch.

Honorable mention: Dont'a Hightower sacks Brandon Weeden

No video of this on Instagram that I could find, so this'll have to do for now. Anyway, we've given so much credit to the offense, we have to make mention of a great play by Hightower. This happened early on in the game and forced the Cowboys to punt, eventually setting the Patriots up to take a 3-0 lead.

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