What the Miami Dolphins had to say following last night's loss

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There was quite a lot that could have been taken away from last night's 36-7 thrashing of the Miami Dolphins, as there usually is with AFC East matchups.

Whether or not it's the Pats' impressive 7-0 record, or the fact that they singularly squashed any notion that the seemingly-hot Dolphins could surprise the Pats with their first win at Gillette Stadium since 2008, there were quite a few takeaways.

For Dolphins coach and human bicep Dan Campbell, the hope is that this loss eats away at his team. From ProFootballTalk:

“I just told them I don’t believe that’s who we are one bit, not one bit did I believe that’s really who we are,” Campbell told reporters after the game. “I told them that I don’t want them to forget that feeling right there – don’t forget it – I hope it eats away at them just like it’s eating away at me and I hope it drives them to not want to have that taste in their mouth ever again.”

You know how the old saying goes -- you can take the Dolphins from the Philbin, but you can never take the Philbin from the Dolphins.

Dion Lewis also continued to establish himself as a dual-threat running back, catching six passes for 93 yards and gaining 19 yards on five rushes. Perhaps his most notable moment, however, came from the highlight-reel spin move on Koa Misi in the first quarter.

It wasn't just fans that were impressed, but Misi was impressed as well. As is customary when being outclassed, he paid Lewis some respect to reporters after the game. Via ESPN:
“He juked the s--- out of me,” Misi said, recalling one of the highlight-reel plays in the Patriots' 36-7 victory at Gillette Stadium. “I thought I had inside leverage, and thought maybe I had him. But then he came back inside real quick and went back outside."

It was widely-speculated that the Dolphins could have left Foxborough with a win last night. Though the sample size is small, they've looked like a completely different team in the Campbell Era. Sure, they could have made it three-consecutive wins under conventional circumstances, but not so much when playing an undefeated team that's considered to be the class of the NFL so far.

It's no secret that playing the Pats has a unique allure to it. There's something about playing the reigning Super Bowl champions with a chance to spoil their undefeated season -- particularly for a team with an energetic new coach, and divisional implications on the line. As Jonah Gray said, via Patriots.com:

"I looked forward to playing the leading team in our division and any time you get to play a divisional opponent. I just happen to be very familiar with them [Patriots], but just like everybody else I just wanted to win the game."

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