Bill Belichick praises his wide receivers for their blocking skills

When you talk about wide receivers, how often do you find yourself saying things like "yeah, that guy's a really good blocker." Almost never? Yeah, me too.

But Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn't a normal human being and we all know that. He heaped praise upon his receiving corps for their run blocking abilities in last Sunday's win over the Washington Redskins.

From Mike Reiss of

“One thing that really helped us in the game was blocking from the wide receivers,” Belichick said. “Those guys just haven’t gotten enough credit.”

Belichick pointed out the work of Edelman, Danny Amendola and Brandon LaFell in this area, which is a reflection on receivers coach Chad O’Shea’s work as well.

A 21-yard run by Blount in the third quarter was also highlighted, as Edelman and Amendola blocked down to open up the outside.

The receivers aren’t alone in excelling blocking-wise.

Belichick also spotlighted Blount’s 10-yard run three plays prior, with tight end Michael Williams' trap block and center David Andrews/right guard Josh Kline getting to the second level to create the initial opening.

Belichick's comments truly show how much he pays attention to literally every single detail. As I said before, it's not often receivers get talked about for their blocking abilities. But now that his comments have come to light, Patriots fans may be more inclined to watch how their team's receivers block for the running game. It could have more of an importance now that Dion Lewis is out and the offensive line is still a mess.

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