Larry Bird thinks Deflategate is stupid

Larry Bird, a Boston Celtics and NBA legend, has come to the defense of another Boston sports legend, Tom Brady.

While speaking to Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe, Bird spoke about the allegations made against Brady and the Patriots, basically saying Bob Kravitz was full of it.

From Nate Scott of USA Today:

“I thought it was a bunch of lying, if you want to know the truth,” said Bird. “That’s something Kravitz came up with, and I never believed any of it.

“It doesn’t really matter. It was written about a lot around the country, but here in Indianapolis, most people knew. We knew the Patriots was going to beat them anyway. I thought it was pretty chintzy. People finally realized they would have beat us anyway. I just laughed about it.

“They got the footballs they played with and we got our footballs. And their footballs beat our footballs.”

Bird likes the Patriots, but is a Colts fan first. We'll let that slide, since he's revered in Boston for obvious reasons.

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