Ring Envy - What Bills fans said - 11/23

Oh, Bills fans. They are probably my favorite fanbase to do this for. They are so dejected, and so funny. They particularly hate Leodis McKelvin, whom fumbled away a kick return against the Pats in 2009 which allowed Brady to come back and beat them on Monday Night Football. When McKelvin had similar troubles this time around, they went ape shit. They were mostly just pissed at their own team and had some interesting takes on the inadvertent whistle call. Anyway, check out the full comments below...


Can't believe it's finally here lol. I hope we shock the world.

I have come to both love & hate this game every year (twice a year).
Tired of getting beat - hope the Bills are too. Would be so nice to see a statement in this one.

Bills win big.. 40 to 28

I think I need a Xanax. Want so bad to beat the cheats

Big day today boys! Stay focused and execute! A win today would be astronomical for this season!

Looking forward to the game, but I have definitely tempered expectations.

Break Brady day ... Time to do what the judge wouldn't, a little suspension doled out by the Bill defense, this one for the season though.

Maybe the most nervous I've ever been for a game. I feel like the Bills could win this game but the Patriots on prime time in the past has been BAD!

If we beat them tonight it will mean that we will have beaten the best team in the NFL TWICE since any other team in the league has been able to beat them once!!!

No whining tonight.

I just hope the Bills don't get embarrassed.

lets win this
im gonna be deflated if we lose.

Been going back and fourth on this game all week. For some reason I think the loss of Lewis and Edleman will hurt the pats. Double team Gronk. Take away the underneath from Amendola. Press the receivers and send pressure at Brady.

Please make it another primetime game worth staying up for Buffalo.

Pats have a losing record on MNF~

I don't feel like working tomorrow already.

Edelman is really good at initiating rubroutes/pick plays on defenses so glad to have him out.

I feel like we're already down by 2 touchdowns.

Lol...I hate playin the Pats

Holy sit why am I nervous. I can't drink fast enough

I just hope we dont embarrass ourselves on the national stage...............and then wonder why we never get primetime games.

Trent Dilfer just said it will be a good game but the Patriots win because Scott Chandler will be the difference... Sounds about right.

This should be Fun!
I really hope we don't play 10 yards off the line on D.

Dear Lord, I love you and believe in your son, our savior. It may not be the right thing to ask, but enough is enough. So many times humiliated by this New England team. So many times, failure.
Pleeeeeaaaasssee let Buffalo win tonight, Lord, Please please please

Here we go, again. This game always makes me feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football from Lucy's hold.

Grudens Brady love makes me sick!!!

I told you Brady is great just look at him make that pass!!!!!

Bills and Sabres money line parlay pays almost 9/1!!!

3 and out..................UGH!!!

game over


This game is a disaster so far... Just lost a player. ST takes a hit...

Easley just got hammered by Bradham...

it's gonna be a loooooong night boys.

All that pre-snap movement does make it look a chess game.

The Pats are going to move the ball at will tonight.

No huddle were effed

Brady barking "rex ryan"
Not gona lie that's pretty funny

Three of us here until the Bills take the lead, then 100 jump on here

Arrogant sons of *****es, i hope we beat the **** out of them tonight.

Is James White the new Jonas Gray? Ugh.

I think the Pats are trying to outwit Rex or something?

Great INT, but there is a flag.... Holding on defense nullifies it.... Of course.

Yay ****ing great

WOW! THIS TEAM cannot do ANYTHING right

LOL made sure that int doesn't happen.

How the **** did he complete that?

And, of course, they convert it when you give them a free second chance.

I don't care if we lose as long as we keep hitting that mother ****er. **** it

Where was the holding?

At no point during the interception / run back did I feel an ounce of joy.... Knew it was coming back

Our Ds gotta jam that ball down Bradys throat.

The refs are going to make sure that the Pats get to 16-0 no matter how obvious it gets

flagfest.. all night.. so ****ing obvious this was happening tonight.

Another flag gives Tommy Boy a 3rd chance to score a TD. That was a legit call, though.

Keep smashing Brady into the ground. Don't stop blitzing. Forget if he scores, hit him again and again and again. I'm serious!

Robey has to hit him way harder there....

Shooting ourselves in the foot.....again!

looks like its going to be one of those games.. we have to beat the refs too now

Love that they are hitting Brady every play

Brady is getting hit on a lot of plays, Knock the bum out

I really want Brady hurt

OH yeah Brady is gonna feel it after this game.

This is where they miss Edelman.

Making plays for the other team in an elite way !!!!

Finally get the stop on 3rd down. It was beginning to feel like we weren't going to ever get our D off of the field there.

Held them to 3 points...............thats a huge moral victory right there!!!

Defense looks really good other than Gilmore being a *****

The PI call was weak. The ball was poorly thrown...

Who the **** is this idiot returning punts?

way to run that out dumbass

Did anyone rewind and watch for the hold called on the int? Because ESPN conveniently didnt show a replay

That was a great Defensive series a, other than the flags. Keep hitting Brady, Shut down the run and hold them to 3. Exploit the subs they have on the O-line and make Brady suffer

take a ****ing shot to Sammy downfield

So sick and tired of the refs. Just for once, show the holding on the Bills. At least give me some closure. I feel like the refs after the INT said to each other, "Ok, we have to call something on the Bills to offset this". LOL

Its eerie how quiet foxburo is. Its a MNF game, are these people asleep ?

A 1st down............well, its something anyways.

These camera angles suck tonight

McCoy not being healthy hurt us last time we played NE.

Funny how the ref didnt throw the illegal formation flag until Taylor broke the tackle

Flags flags flags we should change the jerseys to yellow

Continue to be our own worst enemy.

**** you HENDERSON

Ok .. I hate Gruden .. **** you Gruden

Did someone run into our kicker there?

Pats go up 10 it's over

The refs will dictate the outcome of this game

This NFL is fixed. Seriously not worth watching anymore.

Refs choose who wins guys sorry

No...the Pats just put the Jedi mind trick on the refs. "You didn't see any running into the kicker".

No meaningful flag on the pats... EVER

Oh how I love the refs

There are certain calls you can make on almost every play....holding and illegal formation. It really sucks to see how this is playing out with the refs.

Are you serious right now. How ****ing one sided can the refs be?

Refs are bailing them out constantly... Call a fair game dip****s!

How can there be no flag there when the punter cartwheels through the air?

We are not beating this team comitting penalties what don't we understand about this

Can't show a replay of the illegal formation..............hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
So tired of this ****.

You had 11 days to prepare. This is the result?

Flag on our INT, flag on our 3rd down conversion, and a no call on a running into the kicker, all in the first quarter.

I know this **** is crooked, but **** that's obvious!

Schmidt with 25 yard punts. Denarious moore probably the worst kick returner in the league. And the pats have the best kicker and best punt returner (amendola) in the league.

here comes a touchdown, really wish they would show some of these penalties that give them first downs and cost us them.

And Lafells wide open............................UGH!!!

Wide open...are you kidding me?!???????

10-0 coming

Refs have decided who is going to win this two hours ago.

quit whining guys.. its the bills that are &^%$ing up, not the refs

Holding all day. No flags

Now, we get to face a Patriots team that has made adjustments to our defense from the first drive....

brady crying about something

And brady *****ing to the ref after that failed 3rd down

was brady just whining to the ref about taunting?!!

Oh Brady is *****ing cause he got hit baby

Tommy complaint to the refs

See Brady cry to the refs ... guess he didn't get the flag he was expecting

brady crying like a girl already

Thomas "*****ing" Brady

I like how brady ran away like a *****

Brady getting pissy, love it

Brady is acting like a female dog

Brady whining on sideline.

Tommy is frustrated. Came off the field and yelling at his teammates after that play. Keep the pressure up on him.

Where are the intentional grounding flags?

We can't keep starting drives on the 15

Nice to see us getting pressure on Brady. Nice to see him being a giant pussy on the sidelines too.

They are getting Brady rattled!

Brady: HEY! We are paying you guys!
Ref: dude, i can't make it obvious

Marsha whining like a little girl that he is... Come on refs you know this is my league!

Loving the pressure on Brady, hit him every play and he'll make mistakes and start having a strop like the little girl he is.

we have brady frustrated crying to refs yelling at his line keep the pressure comiin "ref he called me a name" lol

Every time I see the pats coaches on the sideline consulting one another, I automatically think they're cheating in some way

These f'ing dink and dunk passes are starting to get on my nerve. Is Sammy going against a HoF Corner? Let's go! Throw it to him. Even when he isn't open he is open. Take a shot when he's 1 on 1.

Brady complaining about being hit in the mangina.

Tyrod is clearly just a one read QB. Pats are going to take away the short stuff

well brown brushed up against number 12. Brady wanted the first ever 25 yard penalty. He'll get it soon.

Once again, Roman doing nothing to get Taylor outside of the pocket where he is most effective. Start rolling the ****ed guy out to freeze LBers and suck in Safety's!

Brady isn't going to dictate this game the zebras will, all of the penalotes will come in important moments just watch.

Wanted: Sammy Watkins

i guess sammy is a decoy again tonite .....uuughhh

how can one team be this cursed?

Next man up...let's go!

Fluti...I mean Taylor makes plays happen

Run doesnt work when you dont attempt a pass farther than five yards

How about Chandler Jones grabbing Taylor's head there and no penalty!

I want someone hitting Brady even when we are on offense.

best way to win, Tmobile is going to have to be ellusive and make the Pats D miss. I am not afraid of this Pat D. I think Jets got a way better D. And we fought through it. Once Tmobile gets going, Watkins will get open.

Lets go buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hogan wide ****ing open. Terrible.

Did the corner look for the ball??? Nope!

Where's the faceguard? Didnt look for the ball!!!!!!!!!

He needed to take a shot downfield, caught or not to back NE off

Face guarding like a mutha

PASS INTERFERENCE.. **** your no call Gruden

Bad throw .. Taylor under threw that bad .. ***

Chung totally went for the ball there (sarcasm) great call refs!

Should've been a TD...sigh...tied up. Taylor will get another shot though.

Underthrown and held the ball too long....TT a little shaky so far...

wow another no call guy face screens route and runs thru receiver never looks back but a no call ....coughs "fix "in !

That wasn't pass interference. He didn't touch hogan. You can play blind folded running backwards as long as you don't touch the guy it's not PI

They will never call a pivotal penalty on the Pats against us in their stadium. LOL

Looks like Belicheat has decided to take Sammy out of the game.

We need points now when NE is still struggling. I can promise you it won't last all night.

I don't mind a no call if I didn't know that if that were the Pats they would've gotten the call. So ****ing frustrating.

I still can't believe they remade Point Break.....

I don't mind a no call if I didn't know that if that were the Pats they would've gotten the call. So ****ing frustrating.

Should have been PI jus for the fact he played the receiver and not the ball. He made contact before the ball got there on top of that. Not gonna get calls against these guys.

Terrible no call there

What are you seeing. He ran right through him not looking back.

it is a penalty everywhere but gillette "....ref must shave bradys arse !

When you under throw the wide open man by 10-15 yards you don't deserve a break

Where's the drama queen emoji when you need it....jeez.

why would you assume i have them on in the first place?

What is frustrating is that whether or not that was PI/face guard on Chung, you know that Brady gets that call, if the roles were reversed. That is really what I hate most about the NFL today.

Another good 3 and out for this D. Brady definitely looks uncomfortable.

Hahhahahah! 3 AND OUT! I love it!

Defense is playing great. Offense needs to get it going.

D has been great so far. Hope the offense can find the endzone

How about targeting sammy? Or clay? Jeez...

Come on Roman please get Sammy involved

Nice pressure and hits on Brady so far.

Need points now! Go deep!

Brady is a whiny *****

Brady is super frustrated and is ripping his Oline.
Stay classy, bud!

He's ripping into his team now. That's gotta be fun for those players.

LMAO Brady has stink face BIGTIME on the sideline!!!!!

Why are we being so conservative? This isn't how you beat the Pats!

woods has been targeted 4 times. Sammy hasn't even been looked at. WHATS GOING ON !?

Tyrod looking terrible tonight

This offense blows

Just a matter of time before Brady takes over.

Good stop Duke

Taylor is flinching to imaginary pressure .. great
Why can't we get a QB that can play?

Not loving the offensive play calling so far.

Were not going to beat the Pats in their own house with pussy *** playcalling.

Urbik is absolute crap, I cannot believe he is being payed to play football

Throw the ****ing ball to Watkins!

this is so frustrating to watch.. Every possession we do nothing we are just letting them win the game.

Cant hold Brady all night, eventually thier going to get a big play from Gronk or whomever.

Slant route to Sammy? Bubble screen to Sammy? Deep vertical to Sammy? Out to Sammy? Post to Sammy? Anything?

*** is going on with the passing game? He has time to throw. Just dancing around looking skiddish.

If this team goes down I want them to go down fighting like men. Play with some b_lls!

I would say run more plays under center. This run from the shotgun crap wreaks of Marrone and I don't like it.

Pats can't make 2nd half adjustments if we don't show anything in the first half.- Greg Roman?

Our running game is atrocious. All the success we have had has been individual efforts by the backs. No ****ing holes to speak of, people missing blocks etc. been this way all year!

We need a defensive TD or TURNOVER....NOW!

Is Roman schizophrenic? We go from mixing the pass and the run to two runs up the gut and 3rd and long. Where's Clay on the screens?

I agree. I'm not a big fan of running out of the shotgun, especially Karlos.

Corbin Bryant just dropped into coverage..

Only a matter of time before Brady picks us apart.

Gronk drops one, keep the faith bills fans Ye they grabbed a lucky first down but this D looks good, time for the offence any one?

Pressure on Brady has disappeared

Someone please tell me where Watkins is? Please? Is he overrated? Or what?

Great catch. These guys do not want to drop balls from Brady, because they don't want to hear from him on the sidelines if they do.

Dobson down, now insert undrafted WR to have legendary game on Bills

my husband is in Boston on a business trip, said the Pats fans are bemoaning losing another receiver....GOOD!

Buffalo should just go out there and injury everybody.

Tons of balls thrown away by Brady tonight. I'm not used to seeing that when we play him.

Where has this D been all year???? I'm loving it!

This is the defense that I was hoping for all year.

Who do the Pats** have to throw to besides Amendola and an injured Gronk? We can take them out with our guys.

Brady is such a *****.

Oh no, Brady threw her helmet!

Offense needs to do something.........we all know the Patriots will adjust in the second half and score a bunch of points.

So did I. I thought Lawson grasped the facemask. On replay review, he didn't. *whew*

Let's go offense..defense needs a break.

Defense worth a billion right now.

for Petes sake, do something on offense! our defense is playing outstanding

You guys should be on the Pats GDT. They sound like we do when Buffalo is getting crushed every week

I love how he throws a strop all the time. Brady strikes me as the kinda guy that would literally do ANYTHING to win.... I bet he's a real a**

The Bills NEED to get going on offense. This defense won't hold all night

I see what we're doing on offense, but that isn't how you beat NE, we need to go for the throat.

Great Defense - non existent Offensive

Tyrod is playing very tight and conservative right now. He needs to loosen up and relax

New England just turned off our quarterbacks headset that didn't take long

3-3 Noone would have predicted this score, we are IN IT FOLKS...we have got to get this 3rd down guys LETS GO

OMg .. just ****ing run the play... why the delay handoff every time

Thank goodness we spent 2 1st round picks on Chris Hogan!

Even Gruden is asking where Watkins is...

Offense needs to spread the Pats defense out

Wheres Watkins?..............wheres Clay?

Wonder if Roman is going to play for 3 and go conservative or take a shot at 7.

Hogan!!! Yes bills, minimum you go in 3 points up and don't fear the pats change up, it's a myth, teams D just stand off them more and let them pass

It's like we just can't play an all around solid football game. Something ALWAYS has to be lacking. Every game

Patriots receive 2nd half--we need to be up a score.

Belichick decided Sammy won't beat them. So go to Higan.

Hogan was open cuz all the attention went to Watkins...everyone chill that's a big contribution

haaa .. love the replay on the Hogan catch when two guys went to Sammy

Gruden is obsessed with New England. Praising their DBs after blown coverage.

Ugh, another one of those "is it a catch" drops.

Wow Sammy is beating the CB guarding him on many plays, but Taylor is not looking his way

I just shouted a very loud expletive in my living room. Argh!!!!!

We should be up 14-3...this WILL come back to bite us

Catch the ****ing ball..

Gotta catch that. Shady was worried more about the defender I think.

This is how the game is lost

My god...................Carp sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**** me.........**** me.....**** me..........

That's Carpenter's ONLY job and he can't do it. That blows!

Bad Carpenter strikes again Nice drive-- for naught.

This Team is f'ing cursed.

You gotta be kidding me

Love it how the Bills are having yhe game of their life and all you hear from the comms is 'man those ne cornerbacks'
FG was terrible should be 3 points up

for ****s sake, how the hell can we be doing this on primetime yet again!!?!

What a snakebit team

Carpenter = Norwood

Need to take these chances. This game reminding me of last year. D keeping us in games and O not putting points on the board.

Carps days are numbered! We lose this game on field goals he may not make the plane back home.

And this is where the Pats put some points up and then get the ball back in the 2nd half.

Have to play perfect to beat this team

LOL now we are going to be down at the half with them getting the ball. **** you McCoy and Carpenter

we are just doing enough to lose this.. it seems

10-3 at the half, because he coukdn't squeeze that ****ing ball!

Might want to try and stop the only play that works for NE

Gostkowski is now going to show Carp how to hit a clutch FG.


offense is dreadful, what a waste catch brady on off night
and cant capitalize

wow a upright hit inside post and ball still doesnt go through freaking refs and football gods hatein !and now we tackle and throw guy toward our endzone only the bills !

NE driving down the field know, this is a ****ing joke

Missed FG--- now this. Disgusting.

Everyone knows how this story ends at the half.

Rush 4 from the **** start!

New England controls the pace of the game.

Well here we go. A dropped TD amd missed FG are going to turn into NE points.

Maybe Brady can pitch a blanket and have a picnic in the pocket on the next play.
Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Bills having the most success when they were bringing pressure? Now it looks like a prevent.

We catch Brady on an off night so far n this happens

Nice tackle Gilmore keep helping them out, no way he deserves a new contract.

Cant hold Brady all game eventually he will get you

Good while it lasted guys. We'll be down 17-3 after the opening drive of the second half

This team sucks.

Yup time and time again he fails this team

LaFell does just enough to make that a catch and Woods/McCoy, on the last drive, couldn't squeeze the ball in. If the Pats score here, it could be nearly impossible. They showed some stat, yesterday on ESPN, that the Pats are undefeated at home when going into halftime with the lead.

If they get a TD I'm going to flip ****.

my stomach is turning...Come on D!!!!!!!!!!

I've seen this movie play out for over a decade

How many times has Brady thrown a pass to the ground tonight?

You know they will take a shot to Gronk deep here. Will the Bills be ready?

What's up with all these passes from Brady no intentional grounding!!!

Brady just dumps as soon as he feels some heat.

What a ****ing joke.

And the movie is on rewind

Wow..........I'm shocked.

That's all folks! Who do we play next week?

shoot me in the face.

blitz, late, missed tackle.. good god

Missed tackle on 3rd and long. TD Patriots. That sucks. And they get the ball back in 15 seconds.

Why do I even bother watching

It was interesting for nearly a half.

****....that was Rashad Jennings-esque

Worst time to miss a tackle

Game over, going to bed.

GhswifvwaeuWOPFE!!!! what!!!!

Same old bills Same old bills Same old bills Same old bills Same old bills

Well this sucks. You can't expect the defense to shut down Brady all night.

and then no tackle !....ok tyrod best shake off the shakey bs and roman best wake up !

Classic Millennium ****ing Bills!

and the star is born, james white

I seen this a mile away! When under 2 minutes why is the coaching staff NOT telling players to stay in bounds??? There is 7 totally avoidable points to the PATS

We're so used to it. I'm so **** numb to this ****.

Somebody cue the Sonny and Cher "i've Got You Babe" music.

well...as I keep PATRIOTS SCORE....if our offense doesn't score the patriots eventually will run away with it.

I am so sick and tired of this defense and their horrible ****ing tackling

If Carpenter were cut Monday, I would not be upset.

Somebody slap the **** out of Greg Roman and the offense for that abomination of time management at the end of half.

Brady will make plays other guys will step up just the way it is, Bills had thier chance and failed.

He is terrible

live and die by the sword i guess. blitzed one too many times

You got to make plays to beat this team. Can't miss FG's...Can't drop TD passes. You can't do it. Simply can't do it.

Goodnight all. Not worth watching...
Sammy zero targets!

After half they get the ball so I guess it will be 17-3

Even Bermans ****ty voice is getting on my nerves. Sigh. **** you Brady.

New England is 73-0 when leading at half time at home. Go to bed. They aren't ready to compete with the big boys.
How exhausting.

the worst thing when expecting a loss to the Pats, is when the bills actually stay in the game and then break your heart. I have a feeling this game is coming down to the last 2 mins

Does it really matter???
Nope it ****ing doesn't. Who gives a ****??

pats at their worst are still a way better than the bad bills.
brady would this team with all backups, truth

I seriously haven't been excited all game it just looks so scripted. INT but wait there's a flag, Pats get 3. Tyrod and the offense start driving, wait there's a stupid flag that kills the drive. Hey look the Bills are driving oh great McCoy drops a sure TD and Carp misses, then the defense gives up a easy TD.

Defense is playing well, but our offense blows!! Tyrod is a serviceable QB, but not good enough to be franchise guy. Offensive Play calling is a joke as well.

well 2 qtrs of swearing at the tv...only two more to go. get the first down rex...then take an endzone chance on first or second down..not third....

The last time we beat the Pats (in a real game), we were down by more at the half.
Keep harassing pretty boy. Take this team down, NOW.

We are losing to a team that has an offensive line with nobody that anyone has ever heard of. Missing 2 of their top receivers, a top running back and a leader on defense. Meanwhile we are as healthy as we've been all year. Absolutely no excuse for this other than we are intimidated by everything this team does.

The Buffalo Bills, rebuilding since the mid 90's!

I am so tired of Brady, so tired of Belichick, so tired of that team.

This is an even match. Come out aggressive Bills. D needs to make a play.

The patriots almost always score coming out of the half

Come on Buffalo, come out in the 2nd half and STOP them on this opening drive!!!!

Bills win 27-24 book it.

We were super vanilla last week in the first half. Then came out and threw screens while mixing it up more on 1st and 2nd downs. I'm expecting more of that tonight. Got to keep Brady on his back and outside the pocket to have a chance though.

They need a 3 and out right out of the gate or better yet a turnover, otherwise a TD or even a FG and were likely finished.

This team can beat NE but not when Roman is calling the game like we're aiming for a 6-3 slug fest or when nobody has any end of half awareness or when players drop passes.

Oh My Goodness PLEASE...how about a Turnover, Pick 6........LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex still looks pissed and not focused. ugh

I freaking hate gruden. He gobbles pats nuts.

Starting off w a flag. Good job guys.

****ing *****! What the ****?!

So much for focus. Right off the bat we are lined up in the neutral zone.


Brady's receivers catch every contested pass, name on the back of the jersey means nothing.

Did you see how they protect Brady with that early *** ****ing whistle hahahahahahaha

What the hell just happened?..........lol.

HOLY **** these refs are bad

*** was that?

Refs just got caught trying to protect brady. SMH. Cheaters

Huge break for the Bills

Embarassing for the NFL.

ok guys.. can we now say the ref calls have evened out. LOL

cant wait to see what the make up call will be.

wow refs gonna owe bellicheat and goldenboy a call now we are doomed !

Here comes the make up call

Play ball

So what bs call so the refs make now up even it out for the pats?

When trying to protect Brady goes wrong

Refs may have just saved a td...

break for us by these Craigslist refs.....but u KNOW it will cost us later in game ....Make up calls

Karma's a ***** isn't it.

The NFLs a joke.

The whistle went before the catch!!,!
Bull ****ing ****!
the ****ing NFL is rigged!!!!!

Hahahahaha BS penalty

What the ****????????????

What the ****kkkk....... Are you serious????

Wow these refs suck

***.....this is a trainwreck.

We get a penalty because the ref blew his whistle?

Somehow they still make out. I'm done. Later guys.

It's over the bills have lost all momentum

Un ****ing believable!
**** you NFL you bunch of ****ers!

I've never seen this kind of bull**** in my life.

bleepin wow this league became a bigger joke tonight than ever before screw this !

Where's the PI call?

**** these refs .. what the hell

whistle was blown before the throw yet they place it at the spot of the catch

What the ****? How do we get a penalty because the refs ****ed up?

LOL they managed to give them a penalty too

After all that the patriots end up with help from the refs

I don't think a single official in the NFL has a complete grasp of the rules.

so Rex got the penalty.. LOL

Refs bailed us out for a change

They just missed a play????

Refs were exposed. Time for bed?

And they still get booed heavily! You can't make this stuff up.

3 points for the pats because of that ref nonsense

Right or wrong, inadvertent or not. They blantantly lied on the call.

I have never seen anything like that in Football in over 34years. Just give them 3 friggin points???? Why was 15 added on???????????????????

yes guy who blows whistle then tags rex .....thats dam bs lol at goidelll this is all on league pandering to that ole fart kraft and this cheating qb that still has asterik and should have to have 1 on his helmet ...league is a complete f"n joke !

These ****ers have ruined a once great sport.

Ref giving Rex the blame for his **** up rofl.

Thanks for the jinx Gruden!

Gostkowski missed!!! Let's goo!!!

If that were the Bills on offense they would have had a do over with no 15yd penalty

Oh well boo hoo how many of those ****ty calls have we gotten. Deal with it Marsha.

That probably WOULD have been a TD. We got a huge break there.

How can anybody still take the NFL seriously? They're just making this **** up as they go along.

can't believe you guys are complaining about that call, that call hurt the pats way more than us!

No, that should be a dead ball and no FG attempt

Stop throwing deep balls back shoulder holy ****

Tyrod Taylor is the epitome of average. Good backup. Will never be good enough to be a perennial playoff QB.

The refs didn't want their baby Brady hurt. That's why they blew the whistle.


thats what im talking about bills bros!!! Lets stop whining ! Lets go TAKE A W

wow tyhat was a late call haha

That's a TD

TOUCHDOWN Under Review

That's in!!! Tie Game!

that def a td ....wow refs are whacked ,must have to call kraft to get the nod or not !

That's right...this team will not quit!
F the Pats, and F the fake fans here who quit on their Bills.

Only in the NFL, where your screw up blowing a whistle, then screw up the call about screwing up blowing the whistle.

tyrods nickname should be "2nd half taylor". he always seems to find his stride in the 2nd half

Not convinced that is touchdown, but i like these officials.

Extra points make me nervous these days

Kraft is wondering what the hell he is paying these zebras for tonight.

Now the announcers are going to talk about the pats being "robbed of a TD" all game
But Patrick Chung didn't faceguard...he played good D

What a crazy game

Ok .. I hate both announcers .. what a pair of Patriot homers

Why do they keep saying that play could have been a touchdown? I suppose any play could be a touchdown, but they're acting like there were no Bills left to make a play there.

No way that they'll ever let us forget that whistle if we win this game but who cares!!!

Holy crap what a pass defense!!!

This might be the night!! FIRST LOSS!

Anyone else nervous with McFumble back there taking punts?

ok "D "time for mr.big stff and super mario to earn it and bury brady after league proves it blatant they are scripting it to protect goldenboy ,might want to call up marvel comics it **** laughable !kraft and godell will be on phone tuesday !pfff.

Haven't seen Brady this frustrated since Kansas last year. They capitalized on offense though and that's been the difference this time.

Hey it's 10-10 and we are dominate on D tonight thus far! CMON GUYS, we can win this!!!!!
This is like a mini Bowl game to me

Gruden is looking for Bills tape? um Gruden ... nobody uses tape any more sparky

The bitterness is FLOWING at the tavern my husband is watching the game at in Boston **LOL* When the bartender heard I was a huge Bills fan he insisted he wanted to talk to me to let his anger out ROTFLMAO
And this guy was a total CHOWDAH HEAD *LOL* accent and all. That made my night!!!!!!!

Run towards Chandler Jones? Seriously?

That was effective.

Oh look, another failed trick play.

What a ****ing stupid *** ****ing play. **** you Roman

wow.. they KNEW that one was coming

Sammy didnt adjust at all. That's my gripe with him overall, unless it's where he wants it he looks pedestrian. I think he also lost it in the lights or was blocked out.

This ****ing team

Here goes Brady. Good job ****tard roman

Not sure what that was--- ugly.

Do the Pats ever get flagged on punt returns? Every week I see every team almost always get flagged on punt returns

Thank you. It was pretty obvious IMO. I'm disappointed in Gruden for not catching that.

Agree I am not sure why he is under throwing so much needs more practice on the deep ball.

Ray Charles saw that play coming!

We've had so many ****ing chances. This play calling is so ****ing amateur. Trying to get ****ing cute. Hate this mother ****er

Was Robert Woods just asked to block jones?

roman so overthinkin it instead of taking it at that overated d we trying to fool them and we end up fooling selves ....juz man up and slam it there they cant stop mccoy

You have a 2 headed monster with Shady and Karlos. Shady gets you 7 and Karlos can get you 3. Not sure why they don't use both heads of the monster on 2nd and short. That drive could still be going. NE is praying we keep passing the ball.

Too many injuries--we still have very important games after winning this one!

this ****ing defense. ONE ****ING guy to guard

I hate it but Brady really is great.

Why can they not guard Amendola?

I trust this offense to match points with Brady. /sarcasm

Do you think it's possible for Gruden to stick his head any further up Brady's ***?

Shame on the NFL. They need to start docking these guys some pay. This is embarrassing. That said, the Patriots were set and it was a fair play. That was a good TD. Now, this team has to answer.

it looked to me like the pats changed players and if they did they are suppose to allow the defense time to change players

and theres the make up call ,wow did we get held on that play it just so dam obvious we owning brady then a no call its nuts !these refs are paid off period,someone has to investigate this billion dollar joke at top of league shield is now getting tarnished by this blatant bs by refs !

DUKE needs to sit down. Brady will exploit that. Put Karlos Williams in or anyone else. WE cannot have 11 on 10 playing. Against the greatest QB of all time.

How is a throw to amendola "vintage patriots?"


NE's defense is better than I thought...

Any score here and that's game

Typical Bills game, shouldn't expect anything different

Got lucky there, even though it was holding

Wow a penalty on a Pats first down...I'm stunned

Cry Brady Cry.......

Hallelujah a hold on them..freakin miracle

Wow an actual hold call

well they called cannon finally .....1 every 15 times he holds way to go ref

he did it again


Lol Mckelvin strikes again in NE

McKelvin...you are the worst

yup we KNEW that was coming from Leodis.......

Let's see how they F this up = Game over


Hahahahaha alright folks, classic Bills play. McKelvin you magnificent SOB.

Mr. Monday Night...............someone is going to burn another phallus in his yard.

god really does love the patriots.. I cant blieve it

****ing McKelvin does it again!!!!!!!!

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

****ing McKelvin again on primetime

Two games he cost us in NE, I swear just friggin fair catch everything

****ing idiot.

Hahahahahahahahahahaah holy ****ing ****!!!!!!!!!! Oh my ****ing God. This is so ****ing stupid hahahahahahaha. Only the ****ing Bills

If you think you've seen this game before...you have

What a ****ing, complete loser that ***** McKelvin is!

**** this game I'm going to bed.

Leodis McKelvin! Don't return another **** thing!

Deja ****ing vu. What year is this?

McKelvin. I wrote a post about McKelvin. And that he should never recieve PUnTS. Also, that he is known for fumbles at the worst moment. I got blasted for that. I will make sure i post that tomorrow.

Useless. Another gigantic mistake. Let's just be done with him.

Leodis mckelvin. Never ever again returning punts.

I swear I'm back to 2009

I wish I could say I'm surprised, but he has looked shaky returning kicks all night

Once again that's McKelvin in NE on Monday night, how many times must we live through the same nightmare?

Bye Leodis....you suck forever....cut his ***

24-10 this game's over guys

this team doesnt deserve the continued support it gets year after year

Agreed...he's dead to me

The Monday night stage is too big for McKelvin.

Everyone getting hurt again.

Williams and Dareus hurt.
And the season is slipping away......

This is literally awful. Completely falling apart right now.

Rambo Mario and now Dareus rofl. **** sakes it only gets better being a bills fan!!!

so much for having a healthy squad

Same bumbling Bills every time.

Does Brady have McKelvin on the payroll or something???

We still aren't disciplined enough to beat the patriots. They have no RB, no OL and no WRs and we just give them the game.

WHITE TOWEL, WHITE TOWEL. We Kiss your rings BB, TB. We kiss them. WE need our guys for KC.
Game over please.
GAME OVER, Bills BEAT BILLS Once again.

Patriots can trot out a roster of practice squad bozos and wait till Bills self destruct

Every year on the national stage we always find a way to be the Bills. Cleveland wide right, Dallas last second fg, mckelvin fumble, and now this again

We just can't beat that team...Sigh...

MC laffable ....wow .......give another game away yes this team wont see monday night game for another decade and ill be collecting social security by time they get it right ....shakes head

No matter how many coaching staffs we go through, the results are still the same.

Man this defense has played incredible, awesome game plan by rex

No Edelman, No D Lewis, No Amendola Jesus its Gronk and some elementary school teachers and construction workers catching passes from Brady

So Easley, Rambo, Miller and Dareus Lost = 100% the opposite the Bills needed win or lose

pats fans booing our injured d-linemen, stay classy Boston!

Holding Brady to 3 there is actually really good.

A real passer on our team...dear God would that be a dream come true...

ten points may as well be 50 the way our offense has been playing so far.

Nail in the coffin for us. Offense has been **** all game.......no way we can overcome a 2 score game.

I don't know why McKelvin keeps returning kicks. He's survived multiple coaching changes. How does that happen? Is he a master of hypnotism? He's so bad at returns.

McKelvin better never return another punt for this team again...EVER!

starting a season with 3 subpar QBs and expecting it to turn into one good one was never the best plan.

And for the first time this year, I feel bad for Rex. Obviously put together a pretty dang good game plan and his players are letting him down.

I wonder if that was an overinflated patriots football. You'll notice it was fumbled twice on that return.

I'm starting to believe people saying that Brady could beat us with nobodies...He's missing weapons , Rex threw the kitchen sink at him and they are up by 10...What gives !!

the funny part will be hearing from mckelvin how it happened ,i may need a translator

Hey maybe we shouldnt run the SAME run play on 1st down EVERY DOWN !?

I feel if we just run that play 18 to 35 more times we will score

NE stopping the option. The Bills have nothing else to offer on offense, with sub-par QB play.

hahaa they picking up flags now.....u can't make this **** up boi i tell ya

Rex Ryan bested... Again...

3 and out. 3 and out. 3 and out.

That was a great 3 & out.

HEY Career high for WHITE. WHOOOOO????

I hate losing to this ****ing team. **** THE PATRIOTS. God **** it !

*** are we wasting timeouts

Was the ref laughing after he said buffalo has used their second timeout??

Just think half of the Patriots offense is out, and they still can spank us.

Buffalo: city of losers

The difference in this game has been the quarterback, once again (for the thousandth time). I'm a TTbfan, don't get me wrong. But he hasn't looked too great tonight. Still take him starting over EJ any day of the week. But it's clear he is nowhere near Tom Brady's level. How could he be, it's his first season starting.
I'm just sick of having to play Brady and Belichick twice a year every year.

On a positive note, our defense has had one of its best games so far. They look like they are finally coming back to last years form. Sucks to be missing basically out entire D line, and we need safety depth badly. Duke Williams should not be in the field.

And, holy F*** what a **** catch by gronk. Ridiculous throw and catch.

Why do you run backwards into gronk

That interception brings me so little joy...because I have no faith we can turn it into anything

oh man - they need to get rid of this Brady guy - he throws a TERRIBLE deep ball ... oh yeah - into the same WIND that T-mobile did ... duh

Patriots are feeling bad for Bills and trying to give them the game. Bills like, no way.

Sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep **** roman.

He ****ing mauled him

Yea the same thing as before...but no when it doesnt matter as much they do the old "make up call"

yeah I'd agree with Gruden - TT needs to move the safeties with his eyes a bit more ... if he had a couple more seconds

Tyrod looks like Peyton manning, but not in a good way...

This is such a joke

We are so predictable

Hogan is a ****ing idiot

RUN it up the middle!!.. QB sneak!!! Why are we running to the outside on 3rd and a quarter inch. This team is pathetic! Pathetic!!! Pathetic!!!!!!

2-11 on third downs... that pretty much tells the tale

LOL...running outside on a short situation is ******ed.

here comes the 8 min 90 yard drive to kill the game

Roman with a long menu of plays, but only calls from the dollar menu.

****ing hell. Hogan falls down and momentum continues. Say what you want about the Pats rolling out scrubs and finding a way to win, but there are way too many amateurs on this Bills team.

****ing hell. Hogan falls down and momentum continues. Say what you want about the Pats rolling out scrubs and finding a way to win, but there are way too many amateurs on this Bills team.

we have no qb No team should struggle this bad Pats have no corners

Out of their minds? I would hope they can keep the Pats B team under 21, not that great of an accomplishment

Our O-line is **** and our QB is ****. Our O-line is really bad.

Now Blount outrunning our linebackers... Lol

Now Blount will pound on a tired Bills D, to put this away.

Which means game over. Letting Blount run now...

We can call this a moral victory? Are we bad enough to still have those?

Brady is now going to be 25-3 against us...White flag...

please lets have Leodis keep doing PRs the first three times aren't enough

I find myself saying these words for almost every Bills game, *** was that.

It is fun to watch .. see if HGH can cure his bruises by next week.

Jerry Hughes is an animal tonight! We need the Williams's healthy now!

What kind of ****ing **** is this

Helluva catch Sammy. Incredible.

wow.. that was some catch.. holy sh(*

For the love of God........that's why you throw it to Sammy. Give the guy a chance.

Odell who?

Watkins hurt now what the hell lol

Another WT f moment

The whole team is hurt............this sucks.

How is that not roughing the passer? He saw him let it go and gave him an extra shove after.

Roman you're a *****

I hate Roman so much right now.

We have no more time for garbage sweeps

Our ****ing run blocking is sooooooo bad!

Stop running the same ****ing run play. It does not fool anyone.

Watkins you *****s, go to Watkinssssss!!!!

worthless call.. SCORE ****IT. There's only 4 min!

Why the **** are you huddling when we have 1 ****ing timeout

Man, sad day in hell when Brady is showing more physical toughness than Tyrod

Does this team not understand they have to score twice? Why are snapping the ball with a few seconds left every play with the clock running?

Roman needs to go...... This is bad!! Been bad!

use 30 seconds to get a play off everytime when you're down by 2 scores with under 6 mins left in the game. why?

I suspect EJ will be starting next week. TT looks hurt . **** me.

Anyone else think we should onside it here with only one TO down by 7?

This offense looks like they already are admitting defeat and the play calling is going right along with it!!!

Lol we really killed the clock there. If only the score was opposite

What a disaster.

Can I call the coaches and let them know to be prepared to defend the run

I hate being a bills fan. This **** is so bad it's painful to watch. Taylor is playing awful.

Hope i didnt drink a half case of beer and having to be up at 3:15 in the morning for nothing....but it looks like it

Defense... Defense. . Defense.

only buffalo has 10 men on the field in one of the biggest series of the year

**** you Mike Tirico..........it's not over yet.

Why does this team always get my hopes up? I hope the inevitable kick in the nuts isn't coming.

Ive watched enough football that usually its an INT first throw

Got a lot of guys banged up. Clay is out now.

It's time to boogie tyrod. Let's make some magic happen.

tyrod this is what legends are made of!!!

well, this is about as good a chance as you're ever gonna get against the patriots. Down 7 with two minutes and the football. A good team wins here.

o m g mcelvin !! wow

are you serious... get him out of there

Holy ****. Kick him off the team.

get that mother((**&^% out of there

Why is McKelvin returning kicks still?

Get him the **** off punt returns!

McKelvin dropped the god**** ball.
What is he doing in there?

What a nightmare........McKelvin should not return another punt for this team ever.

Holy crap ..."stonehand "mckelvin ///lmfao wow what a goof !

Clay has a neck injury now, this is the worst this game could have gone!!! so many injuries on offense now just as we get healthy.

Just call the ****ing play. Who gives a ****. Call your own mother ****ing play. Improvise you're professionals.

Did they just say our headsets went out ???! These cheating ****s up to their **** again ???

Absolutely cringe-worthy decision making happening out there.


Every opponent mysteriously has headset issues in NE. Insane. And why cant these guys call plays without fatass Roman?

This has been quite the **** show.

I really like Rex.. just cause of his personality.. but this is a poorly coached team it seems

WE HAVE TO SCORE! Why are we throwing 2 yards?!?!

Tyron has been staring down his first read all night.

Wow short passes............. Thanks for losing for us Roman

This team pretty much has two head coaches. IMO Roman has been a big disappointment. While Rex's schemes are showing what they're worth and his side of the ball gets better and better, Roman's offense has gotten worse.

push the ****ing ball down the ****ing field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said it all night. TT is not a cold weather QB. It's unfortunate

Well now we lost and half of our offense will probably miss time.. Wonderfull

Nfl needs to address this horrific officiating. It's altered and negatively affected too many games at this point

Ah **** EJ.

Oh god good night

omg taylor is hurt again. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE WEEKS OF EJ MANUEL! OMG !

Well if Taylor is injured, you may as well stick a fork in the season. I tip my hat to Tyrod. He has heart.

This team fights and plays hard but they got battered in this game. Going into KC this injured is a recipe for disaster. If TT is out again, season over.

Pats players say no catch. So refs has to agree. Pats rulebook says so.

Tyrod, a short completion in the middle of the field does nothing..

Am i the only one that realizes the endzone is like 70 yards away?

4 straight passes to WATKINS. Let him drop it. I don't care. Let it INT, i don't care. WATKINS WATKINS WATKINS

How was that NOT out of bounds?!

How is that in bounds he wasn't touched.

We R a ****ing joke

Perfect way to end the game. LMAO. Yeah!
Goodnight fellas!

PATHETIC. STUPID. IGNORANT. IDIOTIC. RIDICULOUS. i'm so ****ing mad right now.

The refs are a ****ing disgrace and are single handedly ruining the NFL.

It was the outcome we all expected! Don't kid yoirself.

Clock shoulda stopped and the ****ing refs the play before took there sweet *** time placing the ball

I always thought the defender had to stop your momentum........whatever

If you give up your forward progress in bounds the clock runs. His butt landed in bounds. You cannot roll out of bounds going backwards and stop the clock

Rex Ryan and the defense...I give you an A. Offense and Roman, I'll give you an F. Average out to a C which does not beat the Patriots.

Funny that there was headset issues in the final 2 minutes in Foxboro, thats never happened before.

@NE in 1998 was much worse. Jags game this year was also worse.