Ring Envy - What Dolphins fans said - 10/29

So here it is, finally. Sorry for the delay!

Dolphins fans. Oh, poor, poor Dolphins fans. Riding two impressive victories after firing old coach Joe Philbin, the Dolphins fans had such high hopes. Those quickly unraveled as they were dismantled by the Patriots up in Foxborough. Phins fans mainly saw this for what it was, just a talent and coaching disparity. There was the obligatory ref and announcer complaints of course, but not as much as other team's fanbases. It seems as the weeks go on, the Patriots earn much more respect from opposing fans. Even Dolphins fans were saying that Tom Brady is the best ever and that this team could go undefeated. Welp, here's what you missed from Miami fans...


It was fun to pretend like we were a real football team for a while

I bet Gray gets cut by Dolphins and re-signs with Pats. Then goes on to a 200 yd rushing game with 4 TD's again vs Miami next time.

I hate having the GOAT in our division.


This is a HUGE game. Imagine going into our 3 game road trip with a win...against the Patriots. That gets us to 4-3 and sets us up for revenge on the Bills (because God forbid they beat us twice)..and then the Eagles are not that amazing. I'm just saying a win in this game could turn the whole season around, whereas a loss is not the end of the world, but could lower our confidence (especially if they brutally beat us). I still have my doubts that we can go into New England and win, but if we do.....the possibilities with this team are unthinkable.

I'm optimistic but its the pats, I hope we **** their **** up!!!

Pound NE into the coffin. I hope we destroy them and take away their Undefeated streak. Time to keep this train rolling. But getting better every week.

The NFL loves feelgood stories. These feelgood stories in conjunction with good marketing techniques means increased dollars for the league. Maybe we'll get lucky and the NFL goes against the grain and tells the refs to favor us instead of how they always favor the Cheats. Would be nice.

Gotta be honest, I was just about broken after the Jets game and was set to put the Dolphins on the back burner the rest of the season. After Sunday's victory, unless I was sleeping, I don't think I have gone 60 seconds without thinking about tonight's game. It's literally stuck at the front of my brain and supersedes everything else. Thank you Coach Campbell.

Asking a Pats fan to show class is like asking a baboon to cook flapjacks.

I hate living in NE... They keep saying how the Dolphins haven't beat a real team yet the only "good" teams the Pats beat were the Steelers without Bell and barely beat the Jets. How people forget pre 2001 and that NE used to be a given win. I actually quiz Pats fans here to see how much of a fan they are and 90% can't tell me ANYTHING about the Pats before BB and Brady. Kinda sad really....

So sick of hearing about the cheaters. Hopping once brady retires the NFL will stop giving them all the breaks. Still can't believe they were schedule to play at home this past sunday while we have to teavel on a short week.

As expected......nothing but Cheatriots ball washers and d*ck suckers on ESPN, NFL Network, etc.....coverage is about 90% them......God... how I hope we kill this team.

I don't think I've seen this fan base this fired up in a long time. This feels like a playoff game.

The anxiety level is at an all time high. I don't think we've wanted a game more than this one...

All the talking heads are picking NE. Love it! What is Marshall Faulk smoking? 41-10? **** off Marshall!

All the hype we got all week and everyone thinks NE will win in a blowout.

Im a nervous ****ing wreck right now...

I want to be as excited as I was the night we caught them off guard with the Wildcat.

Even the kids in NE are obnoxious and smug.

Holy **** get these idiotic Pats kids off the tv. Pathetic listening to this wow.

I want to punch these kids in the face..i do

That was the worst thing I've ever seen. God I hate the ****ing patsies. NFL just sponsored a commercial to jack off their egos and excuse cheating? Seriously? **** that team. I want this win so badly.

Please don't let a hack like Blount dominate us!!

Watch the damn sticks!!! We're usually terrible in these 3rd and long situations

Need to injure Blount

Damn.....Gronk is a beat.

That was easy. Flawless execution.

Defense sucks so bad!!!!

Excitement gone just like that. Good job giving up a 3rd and ****ing 15.

Same ole Dolphins...

Never defer to the Pats

We have the worst goddamn linebackers in the league. Top priority next offseason. **** all of them, including Jenkins.

Why do we always let gronk do that? We never learn

Light years ahead of Miami.

Those of you who are so pissed... What did you guys expect honestly

Ryan Tannehill to Jarvis Landry for the TD, calling it on the next drive

Unbelievable. First we allow a third and 17 conversion then all Gronk to run down the field virtually untouched

Don't fool yourselves boys and girls. Miami is getting out classed tonight. They just aren't ready yet.

If lafell was on the Dolphins he would of got called for an illegal block

I don't get why yards are so hard to come by... New England's defense is not that good

run it again dont get in the pass after run ****

Can't win with the offensive line penalties.

You can't have bone head penalties against this team

How ****ing good is Matthews? Him and Tanny are in a zone.

The right tackle goes out and what do we do??? Run a wide draw that direction. Now two! Come on lazor!
Now that stupid shotgun sweep????

Dont get cute fins play football

What are we doing?

Can't even compete. I just wanted to see a competitive game but that's not happening

The jedi ghost of philbin is whispering playcalls in lazors ear.

We just are not very good. What the **** is that

Yea we have no shot, don't know why I thought we did.

Bets on them taking 8 minutes off the clock and making it 14-0

That's probably the game if they don't get a stop.

So lets's see, regular play calling and 'normal' plays were working. Cute and trick type plays all failed. Yeah how about we just ****ing line up and play football.

Lol misi

This is bad.

Misi got faked out of his shoes on that play......damn...

Misi is trash

Wow Misi. That's embarrassing.

Had 10 seconds to throw, and wow what the **** was that Misi? Seriously.

Nice tackle Misi

Looking like the same old Dolphins.

This team has reverted back to full Philbin mode.

this is going super well

Horrible tackling someone want get misi jock for him

Well I guess the media waz right. We beat 2 bad teams

thanks god for alcohol

Of course they are going for it

Brady sneak coming obviously.

theyll go for it. Brady will sneak it

**** brady

They didn't call it....but that's a false start on Brady -- going forward before the snap.

Punk ass Pats

Well that was our chance

The media was right when they said that Suh wasn't worth the QB money we gave him!

This is going to get embarrassing really fast

Dirty Pats.

Another personal foul on NE but they never say how dirty team they are

And for some reason, we never try that with out similarly sized QB behind a pro bowl Center.

Why do the Patriots have so much success on the QB sneaks....ANSWER,,,,Brady is allowed to to rush forward before the ball is snapped, and NEVER gets called for false start.

2 15 yard penalties on Ne England already. Dirty ****ers

1st and 25 might as well be 1st and 1

We just need to hit Brady late and take the penalty

We have't come close to getting to brady yet

2nd and 18 throw a wide receiver screen. Stole that one from Lazor's playbook

Cry baby Gronkowski.

I'll be damned.

wouldn't be a team from Massachusetts if you dont beg for calls

The Patriots know what we are calling before we do, Hightower was in perfect position to take that pass away

Wow, more atrocious play calling. Looks like the first month of the season.

NE has been all over our trick plays that worked these last 2 weeks... Disturbing thing is how Walt Aikens cannot cover for a dime.

Pats D is all over the short passes

Average...that's what we are!


Oh dear God.

Yea that's how you beat the pats

Wow all I can say is Wow

Now that....was embarrassing.

I expected the wheels to come off the bus in the 4th quarter not the 1st


Tannehill coming back down to earth. Smh.

File that under things that suck a**

Umm wtf??!!

What the f*ck was that? My f*cking god.

Unbelievable, I want to punch a ****ing wall. What a ****ing embarrassment holy ****.

OMG! What was Pouncy thinking?

That is terrible, Pats making us look like ****

Ball game. Same old dolphins

Why do we always self destruct on national tv?

Whyd he snap it?

Pouncey is one of our best players, now everyone will be calling for his head.. STFU and watch the game.. Jeez.

I'm done

How can you people blame that on Tannehill? That was Pouncey.

is this rigged?

Even I thought the ANALysts were nuts too with their blowout scores but looks as though it's true

I told everyone to be cautious about these last 2 weeks. We are what we are

They are getting in each other's way. The screens suck compared to the Pats screens which look polished.

Why does the same **** always happen against the Patriots?!

Game is over already! LOL Soon to be 16-0.
Tannehill can't handle the big game, or the National spotlight. Deer in headlights.

At this point in the game Sunday we were up 35-0, those were good times....

It's not a matter of wanting it more than the other guys. The team, like almost every other team in the league, looks intimidated going into Gillette as if they're not supposed to be competitive in that stadium.

It was fun to pretend like we were a real football team for a while

Stupid Landry.
All of a sudden the Pats have the best punter in NFL history?

did the Pats punt coverage team just win the super bowl? geez.

Methinks well be up 14-9 at the half

Hopefully it will get better. So far it looks like someone let Joe back in the door.

Mistakes beginning to pile up now for the Dolphins! They need to tighten it up and start executing goddamn it!

I see a team competing so far...other than the bonehead safety being down by only 9 is a victory. We just need points...and fast...

Offense can't do **** right now.

hell of a punt

That was a fricken boomin' punt, damn!

70 yard punt! Haha wow.

Hate it when Tannehill just forces it to Matthews. Did that at the beginning of the year. Ryan's losing his cool.
That punt? Play of the game.

Against good teams that's usually the norm for him...

Why didn't anyone say anything about that punt as far as the announcers?

how is holding not being called

No team gets away with holding more than NE

This is not Houston or Tennessee guys. Tough to win in Foxboro as well. They are winning in the trenches and that's why we are not doing much . They are also winning the field positioning as wel

Couldn't even bring him down on that one???

I so hate these announcers, though. It's like having the game broadcast by Belichick's daughter and Brady's wife.

WAKE!!!! Yess!!! Defense has shown up since first drive. Let's go offense!!!!!

Need a long bomb on 1st down....(if Marino was playing!)

I saw that too..........As soon as Wake got close to him they blew the whistle......

Now that we're not starting at the 5 maybe we can make some plays

Should have poke him in the eye. MMA style.

Finally got some breathing space. Pats are daring Tannehill to throw it vertically. They are croding the line of scrimmage and not allowing those short passes.

The Krafts drink wine during football games. Another reason to hate them

Jonas Gray still paying dividends for New England.

Gray never dropped that while a Patriot.

Jonas Gray, get off the field!! Christ, you can't do anything vs your old team?

Please cut Jonas Gray right now.

This team just hates Lamar Miller....Jonas gray.....REALLLLLLY?

Is gray still playing for NE

Line allowed a sack with a three man rush. Jesus.

How does Chandler Jones get by the tackle and the tight end to get a sack??

Tammy with the best pocket awareness in the league...

This is why you don't offer any man a contract after two games. Campbell may be the answer at coach, but he has a lot to prove going against elite coaches.

What the FLYING F**CK is wrong with the offense tonight?

Guys come from New England to here and SUCK, and guys like Welker and Ninkovich go from Miami to New England and become all pros.

Calm down everybody!!! Its everybody's fault minus tannehill!! Gosh!

I bet Gray gets cut by Dolphins and re-signs with Pats. Then goes on to a 200 yd rushing game with 4 TD's again vs Miami next time.

You can almost feel the big Pats kill shot coming here.

D is playing now. Gotta get the offense rolling. Turnover time boys.

Got bailed out by the Patsies there

My God they flagged a Pats O-lineman????

The worst part is if Brady has time he will complete it, never just an in-completion, it will be caught and for a big gain.

thats Bellicheat seeing if he can get away with an extra man

Getting some pressure now.

Big 3rd down here defense!!! Get the stop!!!!!!

Jesus Christ wake, what is that your 5th neutral zone infraction in 2 weeks?

Thank you Wake...we had them backed up.

****ing hell.

Lewis made the catch Grey dropped

Patriot game plan: expose our crappy lbs

Campbell doesn't call plays and he doesn't interfere with game planning? So what exactly is his job at this point in the game?

Another big 3rd down....gotta get off the field here

see how Brady acts with the heat?

I Love it...they are getting to Tainted Tom

Okay can we PLEASE get the stop here!!!!!!!!!

Wheres Dion Lewis...

The pressure THE ****ING PRESSURE is getting to this cuntbitch

Let's see or 'historic' qb make a play

You can't expect this d to play much better.

You know....our offense has been bad. But the Pats offense has only had one drive......defenses are ruling so far. Need to find a way to get some points here.

Wtf was that.??


Tammy is a f'n bum!!!

Get this bum off the team

Dear lord. Tannehill is in shambles. And Lazor is abandoning the run.

OK get this SCARED DEER Tannehill out of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Moore in there. Shake it up. Jesus Tannehill. Big game, national audience, huge fail! Once again. Not surprised.

Tannehill is the reason they are going to lose this game. He fails to show up in big games.

Forcing it to Matthews. Surround Tannehill with weapons and he just keeps predictably hammering it to Rishard. ****ing stupid.

Tannehill you mother ****er

It's obvious now. Tannehill is playing scared stupid tonight. Goddamn it!

WOW the db knew the play
Almost like he had seen it on video..

I just don't get why they stay away from pounding it up the middle... It's the ONLY way you beat the Patriots..

Patriots, rubbing it in. Going for it on 4th again.

Man the Patriots are playing like **** too and the Fins can't capitalize

Tannehill can't play in NE or Buffalo to save his life.

God dammit only the Patriots can turn a shank into a perfect 50+ yard field goal

Of course that was going wide and just stopped.

Of course the ball hooks through the uprights.

This Gotkowski is the best kicker in NFL history. Jesus, how did they pick up on him out of college? Of course.

Damn, Gostowski got one of the inflated ones.

I really thought it'd be our D struggling and our O keeping us somewhat close, not the other way around

Well I guess the only question is will we be shut out

Come on offense. Do something....ANYTHING

Offense gave up 5 points. defense has been great! We need a better QB.

We get the ball first in second half....need a TD to end the half.

I have zero faith that Tanny can do anything out there. Belicheck owns him.

The Pats have a Devil angel looking after them.

Lamar Millergoes down if you blow on him

Nothing can go right with the offense tonight, every little thing is going wrong for us like Miller barely falling there.

Pounding Jonas Gray up the middle over and over is better strategy than letting Tannehill pass.

Miller trips twice in a row on a blade of grass.

What the f*ck Miller, two plays in a row?

Are you ****ing kidding me miller

Just keep falling down Lamar. Laughingstock

wtf is going on..we look lost

Is this a ****ing joke? What the hell is this putrid offense?

Patriots slurping by the announcers is so sickening.

Tannehill has a COMPLETE SET of GREAT RECEIVERS....and all he's done is get sacked twice and muff a snap of the ball!

Our defense is playing Brady better than any other defense so far this season. Offense needs to step up!

i see no creativity on offense yet...wtf is Gray playing so much

I wasn't expecting a win but I was expecting our offense to play hard. This has been horrible. We have been playing exactly what the pats defense want. We have to go deep but haven't even tried once yet.

Belichick is just that good. They have the right game plan. They are stopping the run and forcing Tannehill to beat them, which we all know that is not going to happen.

So 19-0 at half time. I fully expect NE to get 40 tonight. Oh well, last 2 weeks was fun.


Matt Patricia has been eye popping today. He's going to be a head coach this off season. Total clock cleaning. Unbelievable X's and O's.

who tf is Dion Lewis? where do the Pats find these guys lol

How the Pats use Dion Lewis is how we should use Lamar Miller.

And the patriots defense isn't even that good. Never really have been

Gronk this out there leveling people in the endzone...haha

Defense is tired. Now we are done

So no one is coving the RB

in the red zone and you leave the middle wide open?

Wow what a blown coverage. A guy with an injury at that.

Team is still garbage. The haters were right. Beating two crappy teams doesn't do anything but polish a turd.

It was a nice dream. But I hope nobody bought into this turnaround too hard. You should know better by now. Campbell may prove a decent coach as the season goes on. But he's no X and O's guy and he doesn't have the mind of Belichick.

On behalf of the Dolphins, I apologize to America for having to witness this.

I've seen this movie before. Win a couple to get our hopes high and yhen lay an egg

Best thing Tanny has done all night is going to be taking a knee. Hopefully he doesn't screw that up.

Take a knee boys and get us to the locker room

I'm thinking Gray gave Billy our game plan before he gets cut and goes back to NE

A block returned for a TD or it coming up short and NE catching and returning it for a TD would not surprise me at all.

I can only blame myself for how I feel. I said I wasn't buying into the Dolphins being good again until they won about ten in a row and I did.

Same old Dolphins..same old Pats.
They're our daddies end of..wont change until org as legit GM, legit coach and legit QB.

I knew Lewis was going to have a big game with the screen passes. I posted it in another thread a few days ago. They have not had anyone covering him all game. You have to take away the short passes from the Pats and force Brady to throw it down field. He will eat you alive with the short passes.
I am curious how Campbell is going to adjust at halftime. If they are going to put up a fight or if they are gonna get blown out.

Time for some Jack Daniels. Who needs a shot??

Well.. Pretty much a disaster.

Good Lord.
You bunch of vaginas.
These are the World Champions, in their house. Don't like a tough game? Go to bed.

Well...what a terrific letdown, offense!

And the sad thing is, this Pats defense is not great. That was a first half the offense should be ashamed of.

The only reason we even crossed the 50 is b/c the Pats let us. Classic Tanny.

Sad thing is the Jets gave the Patriots all they wanted last week.

I am so friggin mad right now my blood is boiling!! so we go back to Philbin finesse offense? we just give up running the ball like we did the1st four week? we take gameplans that were successful and do the total opposite??? You cant preach being a physical team and throw the ball almost every down. its totally a crazy gameplan

Christ, if anything, the Pats are the young team. We only have another 10 years of bloodbaths to look forward to.

So what else going on? Whats everyone doing for Halloween lol

Yep the League screwed Miami giving the Ne in NE on a short week

It amazes me how some people just blindly think this team will dominate. It's great to love your team, but Christ, be realistic!

Unreal. Of course the Pats make that catch. That will always be the difference.

Ok no shut out great job

3:35 and a TD, exactly what we needed

If the D can make a big play

WTF. Are you kidding me? Where the hell was this all game?

Hold Brady, and the phins are right back in it.

Walter Payton Lewis

Please stop Dion Lewis, he has been their offense tonight

Lewis is a bum, he sucks. There is no reason he should be destroying us.

Ok. It's not rocket science... Now their going to start rushing the ball all half

Lewis is 5'8 and runs right over our defenders.


I mean I give Lewis some credit, but C'mon. Alot of this is bad tackling

It's incredible how interchangble the personnel is for New England when you have Brady back there. Dion Lewis was a nobody.

Lewis dancing around our defense. WTF

these mutha****kas are a machine

Every linebacker we have needs to be replaced

I see covering the middle is optional

Thats why I love Jones. He gets trucked, but gets right back in there the next play

Best play of the night is Pats throwing it to Brandon Lafell....there is a 50-50 shot it gets dropped

and they have the best kicker ever in the history of football every season

Nantz having an orgasm over Gostkowski getting a record nobody gives a fat **** about.

Moral victory I suppose

Pats can be beat deep, We gotta take a couple more shots deep. Tannehill has to get it done downfield.

I'm really so damn sick of the Patriots... Just retire already Brady

We are now one dimensional. Never a good thing.

Ref sounded like he was annoyed by having to give the Dophins a flag there! LOL


If you just get back to the line there you can go for it. Mother****er

The Cheatriots defense will definitely move up in the rankings
Because of this game... And they aren't good either

**** this team, ****ing can't ****ing do anything. Can't even get a ****ing yard. One ****ing yard. What a total embarrassment this game has been.

Hate Thursday night games. Feel like I always go to bed angry.

I know Gronk is great but surely Jones has to do better there.

Anyone else tired of the same crap every year.

You know this week Bill Bellichek said he didn't care about balance, he just wanted to win. Tannehill gets hot and we go to the run and fail to pick up a yard.

Good stop!! Now lets get our offense going....Wake hurt now....great.

Wake hurt, Juwaun hurt. Getting whooped by the Pats. Bills fans are celebrating everywhere.

Amazing how New England players never get hurt

Pats are blitzing alot now they know we are right there

They've held NE to 20 points on their field. That's pretty good actually.

Hard to beat the Cheatriots and the refs too.


Now that the game is over time for rt to get a garbage Td

Oh look, another game against NE, another blow out. When will it end? I am so depressed with this ****ing ****. Honestly wouldn't care at all if their team plane crashed.

Jim Nantz cheering on his Patriots.

I'm disappointed with Tannehill tonight. I thought the last 2 games would've put his confidence super high entering this game, playing at a high level. He's played like garbage tonight.

I thought we would get beat.... But not like this. Embarrasing

We're just not very good.

They aren't that good. Not really. They have Brady and Gronk and for a while that's been all they need.

So now that it is garbage time, time for a cheap shot on Brady!!! Remember my thread that people got upset about saying no one should go out unpurpose to hurt a player? Take out Brady, you take out the Patriots, and that's a HUGE WIN in any book. NO MERCY. Sweep the leg!

The Patriots will go undefeated in the regular season again... Whenever there is a scandal, they ball out the next year...
Would be a great story to face them undefeated in the season finale though

Jim Nance is in love with the Patriots.....absolutely in love....

Why is Tannehill still in the game!?!?? WTF was that!!!?!?!?! Talk about losing good field position. He just folded like a chair. And folded again!!! YIKES. Get Matt Moore in there.

Tannehill is so clumsy in the pocket for someone that's supposed to be an athletic QB.

TANNESACK. Ok so the second wasn't his fault. The first one was absolutely laughable.

I hate them I despise them, but New England does not miss tackles. A major difference between the two teams.

Holy **** sounds like Wake is done for the year.

Christ, yank his ankle or cheap shot him when he's down!!!! Brady needs to go.

I love how pissed Brady gets when a play doesn't go his way. I wish Tanny had some of that fire.

They've held Gronk in check........ Derp.......

If there is a player i hate on the Cheats nearl as much as Brady, it's Edelman, the guy is a jerk but always turns up against us.

Brady needs to go because we suck? Wow get a grip bro, wishing injury Is just sad

The Pats are just in a different class then we are. The Bellichick and Brady combo is the best in NFL history. He is a surgeon and a field general. As much as I hate division rivals, the guy is just great plain and simple.

2 guys open Tannehill, and you throw into triple coverage?

I hate having the GOAT in our division.

i find it hard to believe the Pats are this good for so long, seems like they'd have a bad year, injuries etc. never. they might not lose a game this year, the AFC sucks

It will be interesting when NE comes to Miami 15-0 in the last game and they have clinched the #1 see and they don't rest their starters against us.

I feel like punching Lauren Tannehill in the face right now.