Ring Envy: What Giants fans said - 11/15

Giants fans. What a miserable bunch. At least the Jets fans are funny, Giants fans are just really, really angry all the time. Most of the game they spent yelling at eachother over which of their players sucked the most. I skipped over most of that and stuck to the game at hand. 

As soon as things started looking bad, Giants fans all immediately jumped ship and acted like they'd already lost. There was also a decent amount of paranoia about the commentators and refs being biased, which of course happens with every fanbase. One thing I noticed was that Giants fans seemed to have quite a bit of reverence for the Patriots, despite the Giants' great record against them. So there's that.


Preseason lineup for week 10. Some of our players are divas

we can gain on the division today! Go Big Blue !!

We'll win today

Not feeling confident .....but lets go giants

LETS BEAT THE ODDS! get em blue.

I have literally zero faith that we can win this game, especially without Prince in this game.
I just hope we can look reasonably competitive.

Really emotional anthem. Let's ****ing do it

Anyone else notice "bombs bursting in air" they panned to JPP?

Let's get it Giants! Just play hard and give yourselves a chance to win this game. Let's GOOOOO!!!!

Man their O line looks bad

lol Amendola was so freaking open wtf

Brady reads a newspaper and completes a first down.

Our run D is gonna miss Honkins SO bad.
Ugh I hate how injured we always are :-/

Hey look, Harooni is back. Time to hate the giants again i guess

Can't stop this O even with their banged up line

****ING TACKLE! Holy **** ugh

they have gone with the game plan of 12 minute drives.

Spun around and still gets the 1st down!

stop arm tackling....

Really? Blount shoves him? Where's the flag?

ugh. cmon d this is brutal.

Yeah, that was a pretty late shove. Doesn't get called though, because it's the Pats.

****ing team is embarassing

Are you kidding we can't stop anyone

zero pressure and brady runs it for 12 yards anyway.

look at brady, all this best oline stuff is bs from fans, he has 3 rookies out there blocking

Brady looking like Fran Tarkenton. Lol


JR should be ****ing ashamed of the product he's put on the field.

ok our d is who we thought they were. the worst in football. worse than the saints.

Even with 12 men we can't stop them.

This Defense sucks

wide open for the TD. Pathetic.

They are gonna score 50 on us today. Easliy

Did anyone expect anything less?

I wish I could say that was surprising.

Brady with the TD. Patriots up 7-0. At least they worked for the drive.

And they pay these guys to play defense? I say 11 to 22 of us go up to Metlife and offer our services for much less and we probably could play better cover defense.

As I said, Brady will just find the open guy, and unlike us, they don't have a Miles White who will drop a perfect pass while being uncovered.

And the Giants defense predictably lets Brady march down the field for a TD. Hopefully, Eli and the Giants can match it with a TD.

Slow methodical impressive drive by pats

I think once the D gets over the "oh my ghad its Brady" they will settle in a bit, but my hopes aren't too high.

Jesus Christ, if you babies are already giving up then get the hell out and go do something else. Defense might suck but there's always a chance.

Looks like Brady is gonna have his revenge.

holy **** Beckham is the man

Beckham with an 87 yard TD catch and run on the Patriots!


We have a football game methinks. LOL

O.....M....Freakin'.... God!!!!!!

The best response we could have expected... NICE TD

Love the look on Brady's face!!!

I love beckham's lettuce. Wish my bald *** could have that crop.


We fans really need to try to not give up in the 1st Q


Belichick: Make them throw to Harris!!!

JPP looks like he is going to go tobogganing with those mitts

Patriots with the 3 yard screen play on 3rd and 10. Patriots punt.


Brady looked shaken due to beckham's greatness

Wow, another special teams penalty great...

Hochuli hates the NYG....sthu, Ed.....

The pats are sticking with single coverage on beckham

If we get at least 3 yards on that run, we get the first down there.

Why do the Pats even bother running the ball?

The midget gets open.

how the **** was he so open?!?!?!

It was much easier to watch Phil Simms than it is to listen to him!

Middle of the field always open for business on this defense!

we match up very well with NE for whatever reason.

the middle of the field is soft...we need help....

Tom is going to throw a pick here

cmon d get off the field.

Is anybody going to cover 11

I was expecting an improvement over last week
we got the JPP this week I expected last week
he's currently getting thrown around like a rag doll

again, our LBs are ****ing garbage.

I'd rather blitz than sit back and let Brady pick us apart.

The midget is beating our top cornerback like a drum (Dahl)

hmmm passing beyond the sticks for a 1st down on 3rd. what a great concept.

Offense has run how many plays fm scrimmage? 5?

Edelman limped off and threw his helmet ... no idea if it is serious
just a little report from the stadium

I feel so bad for Spags for having to work with this heap of trash on defense.

if its possible, we must be 40th giving up the most 3rd and whatever plays for first downs....and there are only 32 teams in the NFL

Make them earn every yard D

Turnover here would be good


Heart beating fast lol


YES! Sack! Finally!

omg a unicorn! I mean a sack!!!

THAT'S what I want to see... Brady being SWALLOWED!

what was that weird play that they tackled the QB behind the line?
haven't seen that before

tom brady actually ran into his own guy but we'll give any credit we can to the Defense

wonder what's going through the Pats fans head....

Brady felt pressure from the edge. Pressure him pressure him

Edelman with a strained labia, return is questionable

Here we go with a three and out! bad chance play!

exact same pass that was to odell overthrown a little , difference beckham is a star.

Are we really going to go back to back 3 and outs?

do the Giants receivers have the same playbook as Eli?

Harris, awesome getting open!!!!!

Harris with the first down catch and run.

Vereen with the first down catch on his former team.

there we go. move the chains gmen.

Vereen is nice....

Vereen gets a first down

Harris is a STUD!!!!

Harris with another first down catch and run. Nice acceleration there. left the initial tackler in the dust.

NO GAIN....but a lesson to us all!

Lol Andre Williams why?

Myles White makes an INCREDIBLE catch with tight coverage!


we got another OBJ

and we turn it over.

of course he losses the ball smh


Are you kidding me, Ridiculous!!!!!

Manning sacked fumble recovered by the Patriots.

**** *****

typical...cant even get mad about it anymore

Signature Eli fumble, just can't take a sack.

Wow. Just wow. ****ing Eli....this is the weekly bad play they will never recover from.

That's ballgame. Against this team? Ballgame.

gonna be a dog fight....

haha this team man, this team. always finding ways to **** it up

Offensive line was like a ****ing turnstyle there. It's getting really bad.

The game changer. Which they won't recover from.Brady will make them pay.

I think we match them well, I sense a 3 and out.

the giants have to be the most frustrating team to watch as far as NFL fans are concerned.

who gives a **** who's fault it is? It ****ing happened AGAIN is all that ****ing matters

That was a tough break, Patriots made a play.

Let's trade for Johnny Football since our Super Bowl winning QB apparently sucks.

wow we held and still couldnt stop him.

Good, call SOMETHING on New England

offensive pass interference on Gronk wipes out the first down. 3rd and 17 Patriots. draw play. Patriots punt.

Big recovery from turnover.. Another chance to score

Nice job by the D!!!!!

PLEASE show us something... something GOOD. Make this headache worth it.

oh **** i didn't realize Pugh isn't playing.
no wonder our O-line looks like such trash

I want them to score a TD here but I' ll be happy with a field goal.

Need to score, the Defense is getting stops.

Good job again D. Come on Eli. Can we have both sides clicking at same time please?

Dark with the first and more!!!

Darkwa with the first down run.

Yeah Darkwa... move them chains!

Gotta be the first time that toss play has worked for us on 3rd and short lol

darkwa is playing inspired.

I like pizza

keep Brady on the bench.....

What I be too cynical to ask what was Tom Brady drinking?

No ****ing flag?

Where is the PI?


Should have been PI on the Patriots. Brown hits the FG instead. 10-10

thats garbage. goodell cant have the pats lose. fixed.

do the officials know what PI looks like?

he was looking for the ball , def has the right to it also. unfortunate just good d.

he wasn't looking back for the ****ing ball man wtf

Ball as under thrown by eli but that was PI. That's the RULE. Bs

they need to make PI a ****ing challengeable play

one of the refs is a giant homer and one is a pats homer. This is nuts

They fact they aren't blowing us out. Says alot

Brady placed that ball in a spot we couldnt intercept , we need a pick.

Dahl is ****ing useless holy ****

Dahl on Gronk is a mismatch.

Can't leave Gronk wide open!

OK edelman is out. victor cruz, donnell hankins and prince are out. so..shut up phil.

Gronkowski pushes off all the time

Craig looked like he was just standing there watching gronk

SO another Gronkowski push off but they dont call this 1?

Gronk open like he bought a ticket to the game

to be fair, anyobody on gronk 1v1 is a mismatch

Brady is a woman

Anyone on Gronk is a big mismatch haha

that fumble and the last drive leading to a field goal has changed the dynamics.. we should be winning this game... but hasn't that been the story of the season so far.. haha.. C'mon d big stop!

WTG Hosely... that looked GOOOOOOOD

thats the way you do it Hosely

Someone needs to close up that cleft on Brady's chin...that thing pisses me off.


way to go defense!!! awesome first half after getting destroyed the first drive.

Holy molly what a catch by Randle!

Randle makes a deep completion on the sidelines! Patriots with another armbar no-call there.

Come on lads, a half time lead with the ball coming to us in the second half would be huge

Pats being man RANDLED


can someone tell OBJ to get off the ****ing sideline

under attack by the football. what a deflating drop.

He holds that its a 1st. Sad

big boy pants eli. big boy pants.

We need 7 here. No FG

ref is a pats homer. ****er.


Pats getting TYE DYED

Harris with the TD!!!!!!!!

Harris with the TD leaving his man in the dust!

thats a touchdown!!! what a bunch of blind idiots. you're right there!!!


that looked eerily like the SB fade

Wow Eli just took a hell of a shot. Actually the way his head bounced off the field turf any other quarterback would have had a concussion.

We can't let up on the Patriots

I hope we can keep this momentum going into the second half.

I'm eating the best tasting crow Ive ever had!


couldn't have asked for a better ****ing half.... another half to go yet, but HELL ****ING YEAH gmen.. THIS IS FOOTBALL

Brady looks like an angry tranny

Were is all the doom and gloom, a lot of people were mailing in after the first Patriots drive. With that said, looooong game left. We get the ball at half woot!

They got the momentum but you cant give the pats anything to regain there confidence and we have done that alot latley

Brady is ordering balls to be deflated.

Don't get too comfortable guys, this is the Patriots after all!

Right now, Bill is making adjustments. Watch for Gronk to get more involved in the passing game for the Pats.

No Edleman and No Dion Lewis...Shut Up Boomer Esiason trying to discredit out efforts already. We have Injuries as well so it evens out

Im like walking around my house rubbing my stomach cause i have no idea what to do with myself right now cause im nervous as hell lol

Thursday night football commercial with obviously paid actors cause it's impossible to find fans of both those teams that happy.

Double Gronk, let La fail and Mendola beat you. Defense Gameplan second half.

Double Gronk and we win. Amendola can't make up for the Edelman loss

Announcers making excuses already for the Pats

i'm loving this game so far....

WOW all I'm hear is Patriots Injuries WOW!

As long as Brady is there I don't want to hear it

At the game.. A lot of Pats fans here But an good atmosphere nonetheless.. Need to finish

Holy Eli!!! Who is this team?

Manning runs for 11, makes 3rd down manageable.

Eli almost looked fast on that play... great run!

PI on Malcom Butler. Automatic first down.

home calls now.

i'll take that PI as a makeup for white.

Are the Pats coming unhinged?

Wide open for ****s sakes

at least Eli is playing with energy and emotion i like that .

Eli slightly overthrows Cunningham in the endzone. Josh Brown nails another FG. Giants up 20-10.

Cunningham is awful

field goals not going to help much, needed that TD, but hey points are points lets go D

If I see Gronk open, Im going to throw my show at the TV.

Hope they have all te scenarios in for what we will do with Gronk?

3rd and 9 Patriots. STOP THEM!

Big three and out boys, cmon now force it!

I don't know why they're running the ball against us. But ok.

god we can never pull off the "off the foot" interception that happens to eli all the time.

Collins with the near INT!!! Patriots punt.

Im nervous man lol

Awwwww... that would've been SWEEEEEET

Keep your foot on their throat. DO NOT slow down just because you're ahead.

We have only punted once while they have punted 4x

I can't believe how ineffective they are without Julian, or is it our defense?

Brady looks like he drinking DRAINO

Brady is pissed on the bench and chucking his water bottles.

I'm enjoying these sideline Brady cutaways

Quick 3 and out. Giants punt.

What an awful series right there.

Butler is all over Beckham.

damn that was huge for the pats.. butler is legit

Jesus ****...



Well that's a game changer.

Taken out by his own guy


What the hell?

Oh come on... we don't want to give them hope

There's the Giants that I'm accustomed to...

NY Giants: The car accidents waiting to happen.

Wow on a punt all the way to almost our enzone which i thought he would let go we let him go all the way almost. wow

holy **** heres the meltdown

How the f is that not a flag???? Every damn time we get called for crap calls on punts. Garbage

great special teams tackle by NE

that is a game changing play. and now our best CB is down.

Harris blew by into a different zip code from Amendola

How wonderful! We'll fall apart!

these *** clowns don't even know

Cmon people, stop with these negative comments. These are the Pats, its expected they would make some kind of comeback.

lead cut to 3. Offense MUST respond.

I honestly never thought STs would be our issue, and it's hurt us multiple times tonight.
I really hope our offense can get themselves together after this.

why must every ****ing giants game be heart attack inducing

Sigh, good ole special teams. Gotta pull back this drive

And STs puts NE back in the game.

here we ****ing go... momentum change.. Eli time to step up playa

I think Butlers been having his way with OBJ

why the hell do we let these guys back in the game,?? every ****-ing time !!! sucks!

Shaping up though to be one of those toe to toe heavy weight matches like in 2007 when we lost to them but it gave us the confidence we needed to finish with a SB trophy that year.

Our run game is useless. Nice throw Eli!

Stop with the BS runs, We are getting into long 2nd & 3rd downs. Throw on 1st down!

Great. Now our center is hurt.
Just ****ing great.

Things usually start to collapse the exact minute you start believing they can win. It's a recurring theme with these guys.

Do NOT scare us with that

Do we even have a Back Up Center? lol

OMF'G can this teams luck be any worse.. please for the love of god don't let this be serious

Immediately gives a false start... Jesus

looks like momentum shifted the second NE players started diving at out players knees and feet

PI on the Patriots defending Myles White.

undiciplined idiots.. get it together. damnn YOUR AT HOME.. IT"S NOT F"N LOUD

Anyone else thinking the Pats have just been getting away with fouls? I don't think they all of a sudden started messing up...

Giants got some momentum going.

Don't look good for Richburg smh...

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

Butler shutting Beckham down.

Odell getting owned

Great kick...

Josh Brown for MVP.

lol , butler is good, give him credit

Peyton got benched? I never thought I would see the day.

Belichick is telling Hocuili TC is cheating

Really not liking this position. A TD gives the Pats the lead. I really hope we can get more points before the Pats do.

Belicheat is trying to get into the refs head. BUM!!!!!!

wow that was so ****ing lucky holy ****.
i cannot believe how open he was

Chandler drops a pass from Brady wide open.

Got lucky!

Wow, that would have hurt...

Heck of a catch by Gronk!

That's was actually a great play

4th quarter! Turnover time, let's go D!!!!

Blount has a history of fumbling.

15 minute...can we keep Brady in check??....they have no running game....

I'm a firm believer this team has already taken about 10 years off my life! Regardless, lets go BLUE!



YES!!!!!! **** YES!!!!!!!!!

That is definitely a Fumble!!!!!

Well I'll be...**** me running!!

WHAT.. WHAT... YESSSSSS!!! HOLY ****ING ****!!!

Come on offense! Let's get this done!

Jim Nantz sounds like he is about to Cry lol

Need a td. But not looking good. No one open.

Eli said, ill show brady a sack!!!

lmfao pathetic. I'm glad he at least kept the ball.
Again the O-line is garbage.
and LOL Newhouse.

C'mon taking a sack like that!

out of field goal range now.. ****

Get into field goal range Eli if you have to

pfffft that was so ****ing pathetic.

Terrible series...

an an abortion of a play on 3rd down there. what the hell offense!!

sack was huge, killed the drive.

Wow that was a terrible drive.

Great call on 3rd and 23.


That was the worst offensive series all Year.

If our O-line could ****ing block, we might've gotten 3 points outta that.

A turnover and what did we do with it???? Freaking nothing.

Do they not know about throwing over the middle?

Unbelievable that we didn't even get a field goal there with that starting field position.

It was close to a sack fumble

Just saying that call on Randle was BS

ill give it to coughlin he knows BB well.

This might cost em the game. Big chance to go up 30-17 or at least 26-17 which would force NE to score twice to win, now they just need 7. Giants just don't know how to finish off team when they have the chance to do so. Let's not forget Eli fumbling at the NE 10. We should be up by 3 scores at least!

Whatever happens, we are going toe to toe with the best there is

The Giants D is reverting back to swiss ****ing cheese

and we fall over each other. great.

This is all on the f'n offense. Piece of garbage

Typical 4th quarter Giants football, car accident waiting to happen!

There is the Defense that we are so accustomed to...the Giants D is ridiculous and the O isn't helping!

Brady connects with Gronk up the middle for a 77 yard TD.

Seen that coming a mile away. All day to throw. Was a matter of time. Hey they played tough for the usual 3 quarters though.

Well there ya go. Nice work Giants. Another blown lead in the 4th quarter.

my god, can we play a complete game? why play our hearts out first half then go on a break.

Great. Game over.



We had them, we freaking had them and we let them back in

Sure reminds me of that 2007 game.

NAH, still time on the clock for the Giants to come back. I'm not giving up yet.

****ing awful angle. Proud of my boys today. Let's finish strong and take the W!!!!

Fu@k NE and Kraft's fat face...I hate the ***ers.

Refs + Tom Quinn + Marshall Newhouse + Gron vs the NYG

and thats how it goes... leave brady hang around he's gonna beat you...

With marryweather covering front, that will happen all day

Any body else find it weird how this always happens ? Everygame

Hopefully this offense hasn't totally stalled our we're headed for a 5-5 record.

Game over! The where happy being up for a while and where sitting in their lead. They do it all the time.

Here we go with a three and out!

Big drop by obj

get off of beckham for christ ****ing sakes he was triple covered

OBJ is really being played well against by Butler

Here comes a quarter full of three and outs. I'm so sick of this crap.

3 and out again?

If the offense can't get going, this could get ugly

All momentum is gone. The Giants are done.

Well, time for the defense to try and step up again which is asking a lot.

So abusing OBJ is ok?

Now Beckum is getting owned.

come on with the chucks lloking for PI, call a good off series mcdoo

i thought the idea was to go to the receiver who isn't ****ing double covered?

Butler really shutting down OBJ!

Damn. UDFA best player on the pitch by a mile

((((sigh)))) roll over and die

This is collapse time people. Watch how they drive right down the field for a TD.

To beat NE, you have to score points. Offense stopped scoring points so we might not beat NE. Nobody stops NE, you need to stay ahead and make them play from behind

calls have been seriously....****ed...refs are trhe 12th man for the Pats

thats why i coolant give two ****s how many he catches one handed in warmups...he can't catch **** with two ****ing hands when it counts

Pats adjusted. Giants have no answer. Sound familiar?

The refs are giving the game to the pats. First that bs call against Randle before the sack and now this.

Butler shouldnt be talking smack. Nice jersey grab on Beckham to hold him up. Another nice no call by the refs for the Patriots, of course. The refs don't want to get Bellicheck or Bobby Kraft butt hurt.

Here comes a Patriots TD and then a pick by Eli trying to press.

Im so ****ing sick of this team

So f'n lucky this team

Another sack fumble on Brady, Patriots recover this time.

SO close

there is something we do that distracts brady from his normal routine, i wonder what that is.

This coverage is so ****ing terrible. It's like 2-3 yards between the receiver and defender.

we had a chance to make a play and we blew it. we've played hard just not well enough so far. you have to make plays in football. not almost plays.

This is so ****ing STUUUUUUPIDDDDDD. this prevent horseshoe when the **** will they ever ****ing learn

these guys can't get off the F******** field. Whats up Castillis

How the **** do you not get that?!?!?!?

what a ****ingjoke

you can't make this up

Lafell embarrasses Hosley for a 50 yard completion.

thats it we're ****ing done

Hosely is garbage.

@$_$@ hosley

Leave now . Beat the traffic.

We are the best 3 quarter team in football though

Well we gave it a pretty good try. Our offense was absolutly terrible in the second half. Never can put a full game together.

what a bunch of ****ing heartless *******s!

Holding penalty negates a walk-in TD from the Patriots.

Are you kidding me... Doesn't even give a ****ing number

JPP with his first sack of the season! Penalty pending... Nope negated by illegal hands to the face defense.

This collapse is amazing

Mcbride just did a Butler!


INT. Need to win this game

Great stand defense... offense we need you now!

I love how they just showed the statline for Brady 14TD and 0INT in the second half this season

Haha. Eff you Tom. Hosley, you owe McBride dinner.

what an awful pass.

I like this... and HATE Brady

Screw Brady and his Chin Crater.

Jim nantz confused on the interception call


OK come on let's get something going.

Well done OBJ

Who the hell cares? Want to give them a TD?

Nice catch Beckham.

I like what we're doing. Let's just make this the last drive of the game.

Let's keep it going boys

great touch pass. whooo

Wow. I think we got away with a false start.

Im so wet


Huge clock management situation once again. Will we learn from previous mistakes?

Pats just used TO #1. I'd LOVE a TD and a 2 point conversion here.
I just want at least a FG. We need one so bad.

... and they haven't been too good at that lately.....((((groan))))

you can't write excitement like this! this has been fun ! you're welcome NFL!!

Unbelievable... This game is reminiscent of every time we've played these guys since '07...

I'm gunna try cialis

NE burns Timeout No. 2! 1 left!

He just threw OBJ down to the ground yet no call????? WTF???

Harris is better than cruz


What do we do. I'm nervous af right now

We need to think about this now

Just score the TD. Don't be cute.

Run run run run run run

obvious. run it. then try to score a td game. and then kick the fg if that doesnt work.

drop in the end zone


They just lost the game!

please OBJ....

Afraid that was too early...

dont you need to maintain possession in the end zone??? Hey I'll take it.

Damn I don't think that's a TD

I wish we were ten yards further back

why the **** would you not run time off the clock? watch Brady walk down the field

OK, not the end of the world

Incompletion. That's the right call.

OBJ that's a terrible drop.
you oughtta be ****ing ashamed.

very close. but he did knock it out on second foot coming down.

I'm glad we don't play Butler every week

where OBJ ****ed up is he should've pulled the ball immediately to his chest. he left it out there assuming Butler couldn't get to it.
I hope OBJ learns from that. HUGE mistake in this game

This is f****** ridiculous. He got 2 feet down... I just don't understand all these pansy-*** changes in the rules.

We lost!.. were not going to get the TD and were going to kick the FG to go up 2... Brady drives down with ease and they kick the FG and win.. FML

Why didn't they run and let NE use a timeout???? Stupid stupid stupid! 2 minutes to Brady is way too much time

good job eli took a dive in bounds no int

Refs stole a TD away from us.


Gotta be kidding me.

Oh man... C'mon Brown, be as perfect as you've been all year

Worst possible outcome of that drive... tons of time left on the clock, and just a FG

What a ****ing joke

of course we needed a TD there cause , if they score a FG they win.

Unfckingbelivable . Fire this damn coaching staff .!!!!!

WHy didnt we just run it up the middle and get the FG

This is on OBJ if we lose. If you're a star in this league you need to make that play.

They didn't learn from the mistake in week one.. and didn't run the ball.

unfortunately our defense needs to keep the pats in front of the 40...can't imagine it's gonna happen

Defense, please for the love of God hold tight

Brown has been excellent all year

If you ran it on first the clock would be down to like 1:10 with no to's left. This team is so bad at the end of games

Blah... Not liking this at all... 2 point lead and their kicker is pretty damn good and gives a lot of time to Brady...

i don't like it....

Giants forced to go for the FG. Brown nails the FG. Giants go up 26-24. 1:47 for the Patriots to score the GW FG.

Win or lose, proud of the team.

I feel like we're going to lose ugh

Well. At least tomorrow's big story line if we lose will be how the refs screwed us. You can bank it.

Now its nail biting time.

Well let's hope for the best but this defense has been so good today. Not sure they can close this team out though.

All on the D, hold the Pats to their lowest point total all year... we got this


can only hope Tom throws an INT here. What a heartbreaking way to lose this if we do by not running and leaving them 1 minute.

we are winning relax folks.

THE coaching staff is stupid ..its not my coaching staff


did he drop that!!!!

Collins you ducking clown

Gonna lose with no time left

Colllins dropped it....

wow , did not expect pats to do that risky pass.

Wow! You have got to catch that!

FU Collins. Seriously FU

ahhhhhhh that was game!

Dammit Collins..... two freaking hands...

Collins gets hurt on the interception and drops the the interception.

****ing Collins !!

oh my god.

Collins = m0ron

even when they do something good its bad

boy, Cro int that if Collins lets it go

You have got to be ****ing kidding me! UGHHHHHH!

he throws a game ending int and you do that with it. oh well we didnt really wanna win anyway?

Brady blasts it out of bounds for 3rd and 10...

collins is the worst. I mean. dude.

another incompletion. 4th DOWN PATRIOTS!

Patriots gets the first down...

God dammit d

****ing hold!!!!

come on guys... stop them

heartbreaking if we cant stope them.

hold them

we're gonna lose this game now

my chest is pounding.


THis is why teh Giants have to get rid of Collins. To send a message.

We never win these kind of games in the regular season, but good game. Sad to lose this way.

this defense can't stop an old lady in a scooter

My butt is moist

Patriots fake the spike and throw it incomplete.

****ing wanna break my tv

Collins is dead to me. I want this no talent hack off the team

and that's the game.

Dammit that's game

Patriots trying 54 yard GW FG attempt.


Can't lose like this!

So sad if he makes this field goal

We couldnt tackle him a few yards earlier? Holy crap

My but is swaety

Blah... I'll be amazed if he misses it... So many chances to win this game.
Shoulda coulda woulda... Our motto this season


Fire everyone

I hate my life

Patriots nail the FG! up 27-26 1 second left.

I feel sick.

****ing hate my life

This team is Pathetic...

Eli look . i feel bad hell of a game for Eli.

Nice try Giants!

****ing typical bull**** every time.


man that looked wide at first....

Thanks for stealing that touch down refs. Thanks again Giants D for being putrid.

We find new ways to lose

**** Collins man.

in the end it's a L after leading the whole game. another blown 4th quarter lead. Landon...

Can't leave it in the hands of this defense. Nothing good will come from it.

F***K ME

*****ing REFS
How big was that Non PI call in the first half now

Did you see Brady celebrating like that when the Field Goal went through? I wish fans were violent. I'd give anything for fans to charge the field and put him in a coma. Our Giants have been an embarrassment this year. There should be absolutely no cheering over simply beating them by 1 friggin point.

BB has that got him, smirk going . ohh @$@$ man. well we played tough , we didnt just roll over like clowns. we almost won.

The cowboys lose, the eagles lose and because ***** *** playcalling and poor clock management once again we look like bumbling idiots!

What a way to lose!

Whoever is making excuses for Collins. YOU NEVER PLAYED REAL FOOTBALL. That was the easiest INT.

Tied for lowest point total for the Pats all year.. good showing by defense, needed that TD on the final drive

When will a player beat the absolute **** out of Ed Horchuli? He always seems to be apart of disgraceful calls. I'd just love for a player to piledrive him into the turf, leaving him in a heap.

The game was lost because we didn't take any time off the clock before that FG. Why would you not run it?

They put up a very good fight. Not expected to win.

We played toe to toe with easily the best team in football.. and lost it at the end.. does it suck, yes, but what did you expect going into this? at least it wasn't a blowout.