Tom Brady isn't too happy about losing to the Broncos last night

Who around here isn't?

The Patriots quarterback, not shy when it comes to showing emotion on the field, was on WEEI's Dennis, Callahan & Minihane radio show this morning and talked about how visibly upset he was during and after the Broncos ended New England's perfect season.

Brady described himself as "pretty pissed off" and also discussed the officiating, which he didn't blame for the loss.

"Sometimes we're getting [the calls] and sometimes we don't," Brady said on Monday. "We didn't get any last night. I don't know why or why not. You think they're looking at it, and they probably are. Sometimes officials miss it, too. I totally understand that. They're not — I don't know. I have no clue."

On the clock running after an extra timeout was given to the Broncos with under a minute left in the fourth quarter:

"I don't think I still quite fully understand that. Because their guy went down, they had no timeouts. And I don't know what the rule is. ... I thought when he went down there was a penalty on that team for having a delay of game. But I'll have to look at that this week. I don't know, there's so many frigging rules. There's so many rules now. We'll try to clarify it this week. But you're right, I was not aware that the clock would be running."

Definitely an ugly game in terms of penalties called against the Pats, but those calls aren't the main reason they lost. They'll have a great chance to get back in the win column, as they go up against the sinking Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

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