What did the Giants say after losing to the Patriots?

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The Patriots' 27-26 win over the New York Giants last night doesn't make up for the two heart-stomping Super Bowl losses in 2007-08 and 2011-12, but revenge is certainly sweet.

The Giants' players are certainly feeling crushed right now, much like the Patriots and their fans felt back then.

Odell Beckham Jr., for instance, believes his touchdown catch late in the fourth quarter should have stood. The call was reversed after further review.

"I lost us the game," Beckham said. "The play down in the end zone, the play should've been made. You can't leave it up to the officials to get anything right. You just got to make the play itself."

"I mean, I caught it," Beckham said. "I trust in my hands. I go up and catch it. You come down with two feet. You can't try to do anything too early. You got to keep [with] the whole process. It didn't go the way we wanted [it] to."

"[I] didn't think you had to do anything else but catch the ball and get two feet in the end zone," Beckham later said when asked if he was given an explanation for the reversal.

"I, for sure, take this from the heart," Beckham said. "This is a team that I have watched since I was a child, have wanted to play against since I was a child. [I] had an opportunity to put this team ahead and make them have to drive down and score a touchdown instead of kick a field goal with one of the best kickers in the league.

"Like I said, this one is on me."

Giants safety Landon Collins nearly ended the game for the Giants, as he appeared to intercept Tom Brady on the Patriots' game-winning drive. Instead, the ball popped out of Collins' arm when he hit the ground. Collins was checked for a concussion later on. Despite a great effort from Collins, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said Collins should have made the play.

"Play is there you got to make the play," coach Tom Coughlin said after the game. "I mean, [Brady's] throwing it up down the middle of the field with no one ... there's no one even there. Catch the ball and the game's over. I'm sending the victory team out. I mean it's just a shame. I don't know. I don't know how to explain it. I mean it looked like [Collins] had it at first and the ball was out when he hit the ground."

Collins didn't even know the ball came out.

"It did?" he said. "I hit my head."

"All I remember is I went up and high-pointed the ball and when I came down with it, boom, I hit my head and got dazed and lost control of it," Collins said. "That is all I can remember."

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