Yes, Bill Belichick has already been accused of telekenisis

The New England Patriots have faced a litany of cheating accusations over the years, and have caused plenty of paranoia amongst opposing teams as a result.

Right now, though, reports have surfaced about the Patriots' penchant for winning coin tosses, linking them to telekenisis. As if a powerful offense and steady defense weren't enough, Bill Belichick now, apparently, possesses the ability to telepathically influence the pregame coin toss. As per USA Today's For the Win

Bill Belichick has gained telekinetic powers, and is using those powers to influence coin flips. Or at least that’s what it seems like to the rest of the league.

The Patriots have become so good this year, and the rest of the NFL and its fans are so concerned that they’re cheating, that we now have reports coming out questioning if the Patriots are winning coin flips too much.


For The Win's Nate Scott goes to cite a CBS Sports report. No, not an article from The Onion, but a CBS Sports report detailing how the Pats have fared in recent coin tosses.

Of their past 25 coin tosses, the Patriots have won 19. Factoring in a 50-50 probability, there is a .0073 percent chance of that happening. That in itself is pretty unreal, but it can only be attributed to sheer, dumb luck.

For those of you that had "the first week of November" in the "When will the Pats be accused of telekinesis?" pool, congratulations, you win. Just as long as you didn't telepathically make that pick, though. 

I'm sure this will make for another spectacular Belichick press conference.

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