Sage advice from Peyton Manning helped Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler. (
Brock Osweiler's fourth-quarter comeback against the New England Patriots on Sunday earned significant praise across the league -- after all, that's not exactly something easy to do against a team that enters the game undefeated.

But Osweiler did not act alone in the fourth-quarter rally. After all, football is the ultimate team sport, and Osweiler had some support from the man mentoring him -- Peyton Manning. No stranger to facing Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots (who he has beaten five times in 16 meetings), Manning was there to provide the 25-year-old Osweiler with valuable advice. Manning had been tuned into the game on TV in an area outside the locker room, further validating the fact that Peyton Manning takes football way more seriously than you and I take anything else. From USA Today

"Peyton just had some great ideas about what he saw watching what was going on," coach Gary Kubiak said Monday. "He had our game plan with him. He started pointing out some things to me about some of the things that he felt good about, and he was echoing that to Brock. "He and Brock sat there at halftime before we actually go through our list of what we're coming out with," Kubiak said.

"(He was) just a positive reinforcement as we're playing. We knew we were in a tough ball game and needed to play well in the second half. Having him there was a boost, I think, for everybody."

Manning has mentored Osweiler since the latter was drafted in the second round (57th overall) by the Broncos in 2012. That mentoring was evident and reflected in Sunday's win.

Unfortunately, fans did not have the pleasure of witnessing another chapter in the Brady-Manning rivalry this week. However, that still did not deter Manning from making a subtle contribution to the Broncos' victory.

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