Buffalo Bills hire Rob Ryan as assistant head coach

No, this isn't a joke and yes, this is really happening.

The Buffalo Bills released a statement yesterday confirming that the team has hired former Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan as an "assistant head coach/defense," as if the Bills needed another Ryan on their team.

Rob spent the last three years with the Saints as their defensive coordinator and saw his 2014 team finish as the worst defense in the league and then managed to top it this season when the Saints finished with the worst defense in the history of the NFL. Ryan was fired in mid-November, but the damage was very clearly already done.

In one of the bigger surprises of the 2015 season, the Buffalo defense was one of the worst in the league, as they finished 18th in points per game, 19th in yards per game and 31st in total sacks. Apparently Rex and his gigantic ego thinks his brother can fix the unit. Good luck with that.

Photo credit: Fansided.com