Chandler Jones publicly apologizes for drug incident

Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones publicly apologized yesterday for smoking synthetic marijuana and being hospitalized as a result. Jones called it a "pretty stupid mistake."

"I want to start off by saying I made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend," Jones said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. "Right now my main focus is on becoming the best player I can be and helping the team and focusing on Kansas City."

According to a Boston Globe report, Jones was shirtless and got down on his knees behind the Foxboro police station and looked to be "actively praying or worshipping" as he was approached by officers. Luckily, Jones is okay and figures to play this weekend against the Chiefs.

If he receives any sort of discipline, it'll come from the Patriots. Under the NFL's new drug policy, a first-time offender cannot be suspended for drug use.

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