Julian Edelman wants to go 'full throttle' this weekend

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman will make his return the the Patriots lineup on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time since he suffered a broken foot in Week 10 against the Giants, and he sounds fired up.

Edelman has said he doesn't want to ease back into the offense, being that this is the playoffs. In his words, he wants to go "full throttle."

"I'm going to go full throttle regardless. If it goes, it goes," Edelman said of his broken foot, via ESPN.com.

Edelman's return should take a lot of pressure off of Tom Brady and the offensive line, as Brady will now have his quickest target back. Edelman was a huge reason Brady was able to throw the football in two seconds or less early on in the year, and his quickness will help immensely, especially in third-down situations.

"I'm kind of my worst enemy when it comes to that, trying to over-push things," he acknowledged. "We've had our staff work with me to keep me from hurting myself. So I think we've handled it pretty decent."

Welcome back, Julian. We've missed you.

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