NFL denies ESPN report regarding HGH allegations against Peyton Manning

The NFL and ESPN seem to be at war with each other over Peyton Manning's doping allegations. ESPN's T.J. Quinn reported that the NFL wasn't going to work with Major League Baseball (which saw a few of its notable players accused of taking PEDs by Al Jazeera as well) and the U.S. Anti Doping Agency in regards to the Al Jazeera allegations.

The NFL refuted the report by saying it has been working with the other two parties from the beginning.

Quinn then responded and in so many words, called the NFL a bunch of liars. (Wait, you mean the NFL may have lied?! I'm in shock!!!)

Their war of he-said-she-said continued, and it's really unclear what's true and what isn't. What we do know is the league announced it was going to investigate the situation. But they're not saying much about it, much like Deflategate.

Yet again, the league is marred in unnecessary controversy leading up to the biggest sporting event of the year. Where they decide to go from here is anyone's guess, but this is obviously not a good look for them.

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