Old friend Bob Kravitz regrets some of his flaming hot Deflategate takes

Remember Bob Kravitz, the guy who broke the Deflategate story? Of course you do. He had hot take after hot take after hot take about the subject, and even called for Bill Belichick to be fired.

Well, now ole' Bobby boy is voicing some regret over some of the things he's said, especially calling for Belichick to be fired.

He also called out ESPN's Chris Mortensen for his infamously false "11-out-of-12" story that still hasn't been corrected to this day.


“That said, there were mistakes,” Kravitz wrote. “I’m not going to address others’ mistakes because that’s none of my concern here, and they’ve been dutifully (cataloged) by the people of New England. But I should not have called for Bill Belichick’s head after Chris Mortensen’s “11 of 12 balls were 2 psi low” story, a story where it turned out that Mort’s sources gave him inaccurate information.

“There were a few other tweets, most of them inspired by Mort’s story, that I wish I could have back, like a pitcher who throws a hanging curve that ends up 50 rows deep.

Kravitz later wrote: “But even after 33 years in the business, you learn, and often, you learn from your mistakes. I was quick on the trigger, too far out over my skis, convinced that Mortensen, who is right 99 percent of the time, got it right. He did not. I did not. It happens, and when it happens, you hear about it for 365 days or many more.”

Hey, at least he admitted some wrongdoing. That's cool, I guess.

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