Patriots' Chandler Jones was hospitalized due to use of synthetic marijuana

Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe reported that Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was hospitalized Sunday morning after he had a bad reaction to smoking synthetic marijuana.

Thankfully, Jones is alright and has been practicing with the team since Monday. Synthetic marijuana is not one of the NFL's banned substances, so Jones can't be suspended by the league for using it. However, Bill Belichick could opt to discipline him somehow, or the league could enter him into it's substance abuse program.

The one mysterious caveat to the ordeal is that the Foxboro police department's dispatch record from the call regarding Jones was altered, and we're still not sure why.

Given that the Patriots are about to partake in a playoff game this weekend, it'd be shocking if the team decided to suspend Jones, one of their best pass rushers, for the contest. But as we all know, Belichick isn't conventional.

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