Tom Brady suffers sprained ankle in loss to Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady took a significant hit from the big Ndamukong Suh in the second quarter of Sunday's 20-10 loss to Miami, and the end result left him in a degree of pain.

Brady was noticeably limping around at his post-game press conference. An MRI after the game revealed it to be an ankle sprain. Luckily for Brady, the injury could be a lot worse. Speaking to WEEI's Dennis and Callahan (via, Brady expressed that he will not be decommissioned for long, if at all.

"I've had plenty worse injuries than this one," Brady said during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI on Monday morning. "Suh is a big guy and he just came down on the back of me. Obviously, however big he is -- 300 pounds -- and he just kind of collapses on the back of your legs, there is going to be some residual damage to that. It's part of football.
"I'll just work hard to get the right treatment. I've always dealt with injuries. I'm very confident I know how to deal with injuries. Believe me, I'll be doing everything I can to be out there. There is nothing else in my life that's a priority at this point other than getting to feel like I'm 100 percent."

The Patriots, as the AFC's second seed, will be out of playoff action this week, giving Brady some time to heal. He'll be expected back for the Pats' divisional round on Jan. 16.

Pats draw Saturday matchup 

The Patriots will be back in action two Saturdays from now, as they (alongside Denver) will host the divisional round of the playoffs.

Via Andrew Siciliano, the Patriots' next game is scheduled for 4:35 p.m. on Jan. 16.
Depending on how this weekend's Wild Card round goes, they will host Kansas City, Houston, Cincinnati or Pittsburgh. The best time of the NFL season is finally upon us -- even though Pats fans will have to be patient -- and this year's edition will be nothing short of thrilling.

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