Martellus Bennett is a big fan of space and Pikachu

Photo via the Boston Globe

So space and Pikachu aren't mutually exclusive, I guess. But Martellus Bennett is apparently a pretty big fan of both.

Bennett, who has been a quote machine since joining the Patriots, drummed up another great quote yesterday when he was asked why he was wearing a NASA hat.

He also added "And after watching 'The Martian,' I'm trying to science the shit out of this game plan."

There's really no telling if he's actually really interested in space or he just found that hat somewhere and decided to wear it. But honestly, I wouldn't put anything past him. He is the Boston sports scene's new Evan Turner.

And while it's not Halloween yet, Bennett had some fun with the kids at Boston Children's Hospital when he dressed up as Pikachu and tweeted a picture of it.

Given Pikachu's popularity and the resurgence of Pokemon, I'm sure this went over really well. Bennett seems to have a really unique personality and there's no reason to think he wouldn't be good with children.

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