New England Patriots Win a Game, Lose a Player

The New England Patriots are one of the hottest names in football right now. The team is hitting headlines for its recent win against the Carolina Panthers, as well as rumors of one of their players defecting.

On August 27th, the New England Patriots won a game against the Carolina Panthers – winning 19-17. The Panthers put up a good fight, adding two touchdowns very late in the final quarter of the game, but at that point, the Patriots had already done the damage and won the game in their latest pre-season success.

During the game, notorious player Tom Brady made his first appearance of the year, but it was Jimmy Garoppolo who took most of the snaps. The Patriots’ quarterback has really persevered over the first four weeks of the new season against Carolina’s pretty tough defense.

During the first quarter, the Patriots scored two solid touchdowns, but couldn’t convert either of them. Then, in the second quarter, Brady outperformed himself, staying in longer than many expected and throwing a touchdown pass to player Chris Hogan. Even as the Patriots struggled, the team moved forward, and Garoppolo ended up shining through in the third quarter. He had solid hits a few times and made some bad moves, but at the same time, the Panthers broke the spell and Jacoby Brisett scored a touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, the game ended 19-17, with Brisett performing solidly throughout as the Panthers attempted to close in, but ultimately failed. It was a pretty spectacular sight, and the Patriots really do have a reason to celebrate – but, it’s the other news that make them and their supporters frown.

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Is Stevan Ridley Leaving?

The latest rumor is that the Stevan Ridley is signing with the Indianapolis Colts, and it was confirmed just days ago that this really was the case. The former Running Back Ridley appears to be signing a deal with the Colts, with the team announcing that he’s making the move.

The Patriots now need to look for a brand new Running Back, but the team’s options are dwindling. It’s being suggested that the team could in fact be looking for a veteran to return to the pitch, but there is also talk that D.J. Foster and Tyler Gaffney could be getting on board. Time is running out and the team has to make a decision soon, which is tough for all of us!