Ring Envy - What Bengals fans said - 10/17

Annnnnnnnnnnnd we're back! Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to Ring Envy last week. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any Browns gameday threads. Maybe they don't even bother because that team is so pathetic. Anyway, here's another pathetic team in the Cincinnati Bengals that tried to knock off the Pats yesterday and were, of course, unsuccessful. Luckily for their fans, they knew they didn't have too much of a prayer despite the game being close until the middle of the third quarter. Here we go! 

Well let's get this over with.

F*** it boys. I'm throwing some money on the Bengals at +8......to win.

Just don't get embarrassed. I can handle a loss. I'm not sure I can take a blowout and some of the terrible play calls and defensive mistakes

WHO DEY!!!! I may be delusional but I believe!!!!

I love you Andy!!!

Burfict eat some under-inflated Brady!

Anyone see the Simpsons this past week with the Boston Americans? We all have Homer's hatred today in us today

Ah yes the Bengals first drive timeout!

There's the Marvin I know and hate

This organization is f****** pathetic. A f****** 1st drive defensive timeout. Just fire Lewis already and send both coordinators out the door with him. Holy f*** we are awful

Me: "Is Marvin Lewis still Head coach?" timeout called Me: "Yep."

Dear offense, please don't suck ass today

can we bench erickson yet??! thanks for losing us 10 yds douche

haha The patriots D-line is just a bunch of Busts and cast-offs from other teams

the "Strength of Dalton" is not a phrase i think ive ever heard uttered before haha

"Butler is so amazing slurp slurp slurp"

New England takes their LARPing pretty seriously.

Should of went for it, but of course Marvin is a huge p****

A stop? What is that?

Frustrated Brady is a great sign

well still the first quarter and the D is inside Bradys head. weve got a chance by god

Pats forgot to pay the refs?


This team is f****** pathetic. And by "this team" I mean the coaches, because there's so much talent on this team. The bright side is that we won't lose another consecutive playoff game.

Football isn't fun to watch as a small market team

The amount of times I've heard the announcers say the "other team got a way with one there" this season is heartbreaking

"We have a minute left" - "Nah, not worth it"


I hate how blatantly wet the announcers get when the pats score. That booth must be soaked

Using Peko as a fullback is cute...you know, except when he doesn't block or move the pile in anyway.

"It was not a facemask because his hand was inside the facemask, without touching the facemask"

How can you not call Gronk for taunting? I mean he taunted 2 people before being flagged for 3rd but that's not important NFL, least you got one call right...

The issue with the offense is it's so damn predictable. I feel like I'm watching a fourteen year old selecting from the predetermined plays on Madden.

"The Bengals arnt the refs" well no s*** we'd be 4-1 if it was called fair!

Wow. The state of professional refereeing is a goddamned joke.

The word is "outcoached" That's what's happening here folks. Until we invest in a real coach and coordinators, we're nothing more than a talented-on-paper pretender

A Patriots 4th down and the Bengals are up in the third quarter? Today's game has exceeded my rock bottom expectations.

Gronk won't stop running his ducking mouth

"That certainly looked like some kind of penalty."

Gronk taunted in both of the last 2 catches. 1st one to Pacman on the ground, 2nd time to Kirkpatrick. Complete f****** ass that it took them long enough to call it.

We lose games because we have 0 discipline.

At least the whole division is going to lose today

For Pats fans: Burfict was being a bro to Bennett all day. Did you see him pick him up after plays? He didn't intentionally try to take him out.

Can we fire someone or do we have to deal with this the rest of the season?

I said to my wife at the beginning of this game that at least NE is a somewhat classy team. I take it all back now. F****** s*** team

There's no shame losing to the patriots at foxborough. I had already prepared for that. But this game was complete bulls***. We played a good game, which we could have won, except at key moments the refs magically decided to call or not call everything they could against us. This is tin foil hat, but when it keeps happening, and with history of other pro sports having corrupt officials (namely the NBA) I don't find it hard to believe there's manipulations.

how can they really say burfict started that fight, then zoom in on him afterwards? he got shoved on his ass immediately, and he stayed down and didn't fight. he's doing nothing but playing hard football and helping people up, not starting shit after plays. why is the coverage painting him to be starting all this s***?

how can blount not be ejected for all his s*** today? i know we lost long ago but come on, if it was us starting shit we'd be having 4 game bans

Rough loss guys but let's be honest with each other we held our own better than we anticipated especially after last week. Let's go beat the browns and get some positive vibes back because this has been a rough couple of weeks. Kudos to the Patriots continuing to dominate even if it means a loss for the Bengals.

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