Ring Envy - What Bills Fans Said - 10/30

Well, the Patriots got their revenge against the Bills. This time, their fans were signing a completely different tune than they did in Week 4. They complained from the jump, and it didn't stop. 

You may not believe this but we will actually win this game.

I know realistically it's gonna be rough but I can't help myself, especially the night before the game. Thoughts start to creep in like "if we can just do..." and "what if Big Stuff is really back?" and I start to believe we can win. So GO BILLS!!!! Bills 27 Pats**** 24 on a last second 52 yard field goal by our man Carpenter after TT has driven us down the field with time running out! (No I haven't started drinking....yet)

My heart says 24-20 Bills but my head says 45-6 Paytoilets.

45-17 patsies I hate to say.

I just heard that Brady is the oldest player in the NFL at 39. The fact he's playing so well this year just proves he sold his soul to the Devil.

How do you overthrow a 6'4" WR

Smart play by Taylor to not take the "sack". Late hit and bullcrap non-call. Brady would have gotten that call.

Nice flag at home *** holes

What the hell!!! Throw the flag

So we can do that on Brady right?

How is that not ****ing flagged?!?!? I hate the ****ing refs in Patriots games, I know they get paid a **** load of money from Kraft to hold back calls.

I can't wait til a bills defender hits Brady like that.....

Hightower with intent to injure twice now. Still no flags. Watch Marsha get breathed on and they throw a flag.

nice to see brady hit the ground

****in hogan

Gilmore is a **** joke!!!

Gilmore burned by Hogan. Go figure.

Next time you have gronkowski stood up like that. Rip his head off!

Can the defense get themselves off of the field. They are going to wear themselves out giving up all these 1st downs.

I started Brady in fantasy this week. I hate that I did but we all know he's going to have a good week. Sucks

We need to score TDs or we are dead.

And the narrative continues.

I swear... Our DC is clueless... if you don't bring pressure, we will get carved up all day..

brady makes it look so easy

Secondary is terrible. Gilmore got roasted by hogan. He's getting on my nerves this year.

3rd down issues on defense again and the hit on taylor shows its rigged

I see buffalo had a big bowl of supid flakes before the game....

Everything always goes their way when Brady is there, always. No holding calls or anything. Now they're gonna get a safety on us

catch the **** ball...

Wowwwwwww our receivers are pathetic

Dan Fouts is the worst announcer next to tasker

anybody watching any good games?

Bench Taylor already..... I mean he had Tate wide open and only hit them in the hands... Taylor should be able to glue the ball into Tate's hands. How horrible.

Can we cut Reggie Bush already, all he does is NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Bellicheck knows more about our roster than Rex. Both focusing on Bush. Only one knows he's awful.

On to Seattle

My prediction of 56-6 Pats looking better than ever.

The Patriot OL is HOLDING every single play

Hightower tries to hurt someone every play. Really dirty

This is ****ing embarrassing. You can't hang with the patriots be consistently messing up.

Can not let them double dip here with their patented pats*** score at end of hot and beginning of third.

Robey needs to not be in single coverage against Gronk

I hate life

Gronk against Robey? Someone should be fired for that.

Robey-Coleman on Gronk....easy pickings for Brady.

LOL Robey Coleman on Gronk hahhahahahah

Did anyone actually think Carpenter was going to make that kick?

This is the pats just freaking go for it. Field goals don't help even if they make them

Knew he was missing, now Brady marches down and they kick a FG before half to go up 2 TD's

I ****ing hate you Dan Carpenter. Cut his *** tomorrow please

are ****in kidding me

unreal...we will never beat these guys

alright guys, there's an entire second half! Bills can do this!! #sigh #not

You know Gronk always scores in Buffalo. Same old trash. Just sell your tickets to their bandwagon next time.

It's just what the Pats do to you. They play flawless and teams push to hard and kill themselves. We've seen this to years.

Mark my words, when Brady retires, belicheck will go with him. Then we can all be free of this death grip division.

Brady is just too good...he needs to retire soon.....he now has 11 TDs in 3 1/2 games...just ridiculous....

at least the Sabres are on in 15 minutes, Sunday won't be a total loss, hopefully

This is embarrassing

Why even argue, Graham. You're getting killed. Just go home

The good news is that the Pats have been embarrassing everyone, so we're not alone in our embarrassment! The bad news is everything else.

Why do we bother even wasting our mother ****ing time with this bull****. Every ****ing year. I should expect this, but maybe FOR ONCE this team shows some ****ing heart against those *******s. Gutless useless team we have. Embarrassing. If I was Pegula I would get out of this miserable NFL business. Complete waste.

We have more drops today than ne does all year

Now go give up an 85 yd TD defense. This defense was supposed to be lights out and has done nothing but suck for 2 straight years. Can't even hold up their end let alone do more then they would be asked. Two weeks in a row the D could have bailed us out and instead they cost us another season.

Our amazing defensive minded head coach showing he can't game plan once again

Wow. Here comes another TD by them. They are making this division just miserable. Here we go.

Patriots are going to clinch the home field through out in week 13, and Brady will get another vacation

I just reviewed the play and zoomed... Definitely a dildo LOL

I'd be cool with just teeing off on Brady at this point.

The only thing we can do now is just go after Mr Brady.

41 points....good job defense.......

Small consolation but Brady is going to be a sore guy tomorrow. He has been beat up pretty good.

The Patriots get away with a lot, there's no doubt about it

well, ugh. Clearly, until Brady retires, this division belongs to the Pats. Doesnt matter what this team does, until hes gone, we as fans are hoping for something that wont happen, a playoff birth. Starting every season hoping for a wildcard birth is a waste of time. We just have to wait. End of story.

Please for the love of God end this game. Just push broom that injured player off into the gutter and take a knee.

Thank god we beat the pats in week 4 or they would probably finish undefeated. Look at their schedule... the only game they might lose is at Denver, but even then I doubt their QB will keep up with Brady. Nobody is beating them in Gillette during the playoffs, and who from the NFC would beat them in the Superbowl? Maybe Atlanta maybe Dallas? Doubtful.

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