It looks like Vince Wilfork is going to retire

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Even though he isn't a Patriot anymore, Vince Wilfork is still very much a New England fan-favorite. When he said last week that the AFC Divisional Round game against the Patriots could be his last, it didn't go over well with me, as I'm sure was the case for other Patriots fans as well.

Wilfork doubled down on that statement after the game, saying he thinks he's done.
"No emotions and I will take my time and think about it. I think I have played my last NFL football game," Wilfork said Saturday, via comments distributed by the team. "I will take the time and do my due diligence and sit back see if I really want to retire. We will see.

"I don't know how long that will take," he continued. "I will see, it doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed every bit of my career; I enjoyed 11 great years in New England and enjoyed two great years in Texas with unbelievable teammates. I couldn't have any better teammates from both organizations and you talk about the organizations themselves and you talk about top of the class. These are two owners that anyone would love to play for."

Of course, Wilfork could play another year, but a lot of times when a player says they're leaning towards hanging it up, that's usually the route they go.

Wilfork, at age 35, was still one of the Texans' better run defenders and a huge cog in the middle of their defense. He will always be remembered for his time with the Patriots, though, playing for them from 2004 until 2014, winning two Super Bowls.

If he retires, I hope the Patriots sign him to a one-day contract so he can retire as a member of the team. It only seems right.

Wilfork is a sure-fire Patriots Hall of Famer and should be strongly considered for a spot in Canton, Ohio.

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