Michael Floyd’s quiet new lifestyle helps him focus on football

Matt Stone | Boston Herald

With few outside distractions and the nearest major city being more than 30 minutes away from Foxboro, the New England Patriots’ newest wide receiver, Michael Floyd, is using that to his advantage.

“I don’t have family out here with me. I don’t have people calling me all day,” Floyd said when fielding questions after Wednesday’s practice, “There’s a lot of people I knew out there than I do out here, so that’s just what it is. It’s good to be strictly focused on the playbook and getting to know this offense, for sure. That takes up most of my time, really.”

The Patriots claimed Floyd off of waivers last month after he was released from the Arizona Cardinals following a DUI arrest. And it seems as though he has completely changed from his lavish lifestyle.

Nowadays, Floyd is residing in a hotel close to the stadium in which he can make it to work “in less than three minutes.” He enjoys not having outside distractions and also says that he doesn’t care about sightseeing, that he is here for one reason.

“It’s a different feeling,” Floyd said. “And being the new guy coming in, I think you’ve got to be up on everything, on your toes and just making sure that whatever they throw at you, you’re right on top of it, and you’re focused, and you’re ready whenever your name is called.”

The simple life seems to be a good one for Michael Floyd right now. He is embracing his new home, crediting the Patriots staff for that.

“I feel good here. I feel home, I feel welcomed,” Floyd said, “And I think that’s just with the guys here and the coaches and how the organization is.”

The wide receiver said he is just “living in the moment,” adding that he’s not worried about next year or what will happen.

“I’m excited to be on this team, and this is where I am now.”

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