Pittsburgh paper compares Pats to Galactic Empire

Twitter/Michael Sanserino

Just days before the AFC Championship, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has unveiled a special section dedicated to the big game. Naturally, it's standard operating procedure for newspaper sports sections when the team in their market is playing in a big game.

The Post-Gazette, however, took their special section to the next level. In a brilliant homage to the Star Wars franchise, the Patriots are represented by a football-shaped Death Star. (Seriously, whoever designed this deserves a raise).

"Steelers vs. the Evil Empire," the paper's headline reads in large font. "The Steelers dive into enemy territory to take down a seemingly indestructible machine" [sic].

Of course, the Post-Gazette isn't the first to jokingly draw Star Wars comparisons to the Patriots. They certainly won't be the last, either, and Darth Vader/Bill Belichick jokes will never get old.

Between the Facebook Live fiasco, a Steelers flu outbreak and now this, Sunday's matchup will be one to remember for quite a while. Should either of these teams go all the way, I'd even go as far as to suggest it could be the Thursday Night opener for the 2017 campaign.

If I'm being honest here, I'm curious as to how PatriotsLife fearless leader/noted Star Wars aficionado Jesse Gaunce feels about this.

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