Ring Envy - What Texans Fans Said - 1/14

Thank god I got to do another Ring Envy for the Texans again. Their fans were incredibly entertaining when Jacoby Brissett beat them in Week 3. This game didn't go as well until the end, but their reactions were largely the same - they still really hate Brock Osweiler, think Bill O'Brien is an idiot and wanted to see Tom Brady get knocked around (but what fan base doesn't wanna see that other than us?).

So Savage is good to go? Game on!

I really wanna see Savage start

It's just nice to still have our team playing football in January. Now, go shock the world Texans!

The Seahawks are the only team to beat the Patriots with Tom Brady this year, so we have to play similarly to them

I see 2 ints by Brock and a lot of big pass interference calls on our secondary, especially JJO.

Good morning Texans fans! 12 1/2 hours to game time! Are we gonna beat those Patriots? Hell no, but we can dream can't we? Lol

Football Judgment Day for Houston. Do we ascend or are we cast into the abyss?

Please name one team that won when expecting a loss. We have bad fans. I think we have better players than fans.

So, if Brock stumbles out of the gate, will Savage go in before the half?

The Texans shock the world. and UPSET the Pats. Brock has a breakout game w WRs n his legs. Miller runs like the bulls. OL stands strong. TE becomes untighten. Special teams come up big. Defense well they are #1. Now if i'm wrong or one says I'm dreaming then what, somebody gonna ground me for the rest of the year...lol

Look, I get it football world/media/Patriot fans/"experts." Our team hasn't shown what some of the other play off teams have shown. But the play offs is a new season. The Patriots are favorites for a reason, and they should be, but I'm tired of hearing that we don't have a prayer and we are just going to get steam rolled. I think we are going to compete harder than we ever have up in NE tonight. No more getting pushed around. Anything can happen. History gets made every year. Hopefully it's the Texans that write some new history today.

Big upset tonight as the Texans will be victorious over the Patriots.

Brock went home and told his wife he's scared. She gave him the Adrian to Rocky "What are you so scared of?" speech. He gets the point and goes into the game with a new outlook and NO FEAR. Brock pulls the Patriots in and forces them to punch themselves out. Then he taunts them to infuriate them further to take them off their game. The strategy works and the Texans, guided by the Brockwieler, drive the ball down the field, down by 2 points with less then 1 minute left,to allow Novack to kick a 52 yard field goal and get that last second knock out by 1 point!

I believe we will know the outcome by the end of the first quarter, what say you?

If we outscore them I can see us winning

Was that the grumpy old troll from Dora? Tell me I'm not the only one who saw that guy in the Patriots tunnel?

Well, I'm already tired of Brock. Misses the open man by holding it too long.

Well. Offense got their warm up I guess. Let's go D!

1, 2, 3 out. Need to keep the no-huddle in full gear tonight.

Let's go ...............a couple first downs please .

Man, tough having to start the game at 0215...hope the Texans make it worth the lack of sleep!!

Nice pass, Brock.

The offense still looks bad.

So far the offense looks about on par with the offense we know all too well.

LOL! Well that ain't letting them play

And here we go...

Their crowd is hardly cheering. They are probably wanting a good game too and not a blow out

If New England is allowed to score again in the first, I say game over.

I wish our offense could score points. Pats get angry when they don't score points on a drive, while our offense is content with punting.

Nothing from the first 5 minutes makes me think the game will be any different than week 4. Maybe the Patriots will score more points though.

How can a professional team have this bad an offense? Just score somehow!

HEY that's one first down!!!!!

Make it 2 first downs.....yes!

TD coming.........Texans win tonight

3rd and 6 and throw swing pass. I'm so sick of that

Another 3rd down pass NOT beyond 1st down marker. B-Ob settles for mediocre.

Well at least they have points on the board

Well Bill, time to fire our ST's coordinator.

How nice.

Awesome Special Teams play, way to go.

We needed the reverse of that to happen.

Allowing 14 in the first quarter is the death knell !

Terrible, short kickoff. Terrible Special Teams coaching.

We're in the playoffs Brian. In the playoffs. I'm sorry go ahead

Was Clowney urging people on or whining like a baby at everyone, spreading negativity?

It's hard enough to stop Tom Brady but to give up special team td, that'll give the game away faster

At this rate it'll be 28 to 6 at half, 42 to 9 at the end of three, you get the picture. FG's won't win this one BO.

Really? We cant even get one yard?

This team is stupid

3rd and 1 roll out, what a freaking joke.

Weeeee int

Opportunity knocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it too early to start chanting Savage?

1st & 20 and OB calls an end around ?????????

if we make this FG, and then get 3 more FG's, we'll be ahead!

They score TDs we counter with FGs.

Do the Exotic Dancers in New England all kinda look like Snooki ewwwww ! Maybe why the Pats are so good ??

B-Ob is determined to score 12 points before this game is over!

I'd like to see Clowney destroy Brady here.

Holy Cow..................Pleasant!

What a freaking hit. I td from last possession would have been huge

Touch down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty.

Now thats Complimentary Football !!!

Smelling Salts STAT!!!! Did we just get a TD??? Texans have decided to make a game of this.

I smell something cooking now, seriously. Texans are playing with a chip on their shoulders and could shock the world tonight.

Patriots just need to keep turning ball over!

The pats are just trying to make it close. With this defense, if we had a half way decent offense this team could be a contender

Im takin another Vicodin , I just screamed so Loud I think my filling popped out no joke ??? lol

Texans win tonight.........just waiting for the Brady tantrum......

We are Superbowl bound

Did the Russians hack the New England playbook, give it to Trump then, pass it to Bill O'Brien ?

Brock still sux!

If Brock was 1/4 more accurate who knows what we could accomplish?????

Missed opportunity.

Brady is looking a little scared out there.

wilfork is standing there not doing nothing on a pass play!! wth

SACK a fuego!

Another play fake or something different would be a nice change.

Why does Brock throw it in the middle when he's out of options? Arg!

RB wide open for easy 1st down. Geez brock just throw it to him. He looked right at him. Then threw into triple coverage instead?

Wooooooo, Clowney!!!!


Too much time for Brady!

Again, our secondary looks like a bunch of clowns not even playing the ball at all.

You know the beloved Pats will get a call or two in their favor, it's just inevitable.

Edelman got away with a push off.

The difference between a great qb like Brady and Brock, the great ones always take shots. Brock missed fuller for a td, embarrassing

I'll bet Brady thinks twice before doing that again.

What a stop.

challenge coming?

Simms is "pretty sure they'll go for the touchdown here" on 3rd down. Thanks.

So now what ?

Goal line stop...That's a victory if you ask me.

Great goal line stand!

No this is where the clowney era begins. Good experience facing brady. Clearly were the better team. Its 13-10 Texans up minus the return td. 2nd half the Texans will make fewer mistakes and control the game. Overall nobody thought we would be playing in the divisional round so I'm proud of our guys

Game is in reach - TB isn't running away with it yet. Get a few turn overs in 2nd half?

That ST TD we spotted them could come back to haunt us, but we have a chance the way our D is playing. We have only given up 10 pts to the NE offense.

Did someone forget to tell the Texans that they were supposed to get rolled over by the Patriots? It ain't happening!

3 and out sweet.

Patriots really trying to force Brock into a mistake.

We should draft a shoe that can catch next year.

uggg we got a guy who has a slow release, does not anticipate and a terrible O-line. Disaster.

Edelman and Lewis have been the Patriots' entire offense today.

Too much time for Brady.

Getting ugly now. Definitely bending. Nice play by McKinney

We might not be so lucky as to see the Patriots fumble or intercept the ball the rest of the game.... we need to prevent a touchdown here.

Belichek was calling his shot by saying how great McKinney was in coverage

How about now? Can I start the Savage chant?

That's the glaring difference in these teams. The Pats can drive down the field and finish the deal. We sometimes drive, but rarely seal the deal. Three and out on this series it's over.

That was pathetic, not even showing fight, cmon!

1 of 11 on 3rd down and 1 INT.

Put Savage in before its to late ! The D is gonna get gassed and BO isnt doing anything . Gotta let our D rest !

Edelman is eating Kareem's lunch

*** Jackson is sucking sooo bad

Princess Brady doesn't like being touched! He threw that away before he had to!

Well, the Texans looked pretty good for the first 30 minutes... almost had me thinking there was a chance for the miracle win. Now that NE is up by two scores and just intercepted Osweiler, I'm convinced we've lost all positive momentum. I suspect the Patriot route is forthcoming.

Poor Brady crying like a spoiled baby, I'm Tom Brady, I'm Tom Brady, I'm not supposed to get hit like that.

Such a winey, entitled Patriots team.

Just me with the Weedon chant?

Run 2 yards and fall

Without penalties against NE, this offense is a joke.

Pats trying to cheat

Leave it to New England to get an anti-tuck-rule call for them.

Don't the refs know - all Brock's passes look like that?

How can a call like that be made in the play offs? Joke.

If this is ruled a fumble, the game is scripted.

Really we will go down in the playoffs with this joker Assweiller................................next year will suck also with this CLOWN!

Thanks Fuller

It hit him in the hands. Got to listen to scouts

That my friends was a dropped pass placed perfectly in his hands. No excuse for that, none, yet y'all will blame Brock somehow.

Don't get why people want Brock out for savage, he's doing pretty well, we are just being out coached

fuller sucks, he has done that all year

That drop by Fuller was inexcusable. Could have been a game changer.

That was mckinney with the tip!

McKinney got some revenge there.

If you told me we would be down by 11 points by the start of the 4th quarter..... I still wouldn't take it.

If a frog had wings he would not bump his *** so much!

Why throw the bomb on 3rd and 4? Get the first down

Texans game-changing mistakes: kickoff return, dropped INT by Bouye, dropped TD by Fuller, INT by Brock.

Too much time for Princess Tom.

Ugh free yards for NE.

I am pulling for you guys. I bet $1000 on the Texans with a 15.5 spread. Be even sweeter if you won outright.

Man, Brady has a little over 150 yards passing on 4 prayers that he just lobbed into the air, yet the DB's didn't adjust.

lol i called 2 ints by brock!!

How many Turnovers for Brock now ? Yeah 2 or 3 I think . He just cost us the Game Lesson learned Now I hope .

That Osweiler pick ought to seal it. Off target again.

Game over. Defense was asked to do far too much!!!

I'm only watching the rest of this game at 0500 with the idea that Obie will let Savage come in and mop up....but I went to the head and come out to see Osweiler is going to be allowed to possibly finish digging his own grave.

Now that I know the game is over I'd like Suckweiler to come back and throw two more ints. That is what Hoyer did last year to get booted. It will be hard for me to go to games next year knowing he'll be there

good night fellas. It's been a decent year but it looks like it ends here as expected. Too bad we didn't have the guts to start Savage. I think we would have seen a different outcome.

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