Tom Brady gets emotional when young boy asks who his hero is

Tim Warner | Getty Images

Rarely do we get to see the emotional, personal side of players.

But that's exactly what happened when a little boy asked Tom Brady who his hero is.

This happened while the quarterback was fielding questions at Super Bowl LI's opening night at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Seven-year-old Joseph Perez from Perris, Calif. won a contest to be a Super Bowl reporter, and as he asked the question, we got to see a rare glimpse into the personal side of Brady.

"Who's my hero?" Brady reiterated, "That's a great question. I think my dad is my hero because he's someone I looked up to every day, and, uh..."

After a long emotional pause, Brady continued, "My dad."

Brady's dad, Tom Sr., has always been Tom Jr.'s biggest fan and the quickest to defend his son. He recently stated in an interview that, "The reality is that Tommy never got suspended for deflating footballs. He got suspended because the court said that Roger Goodell could do anything he wanted to do to any player for any reason whatsoever.”

On Monday night, Tom Jr. was also asked if his dad speaks for him [regarding his feelings towards Deflategate]. This question also sparked another genuine, emotional response from the QB.

“I’d say my dad represents his feelings,” he said. “He’s a dad, and I’m a dad, and, um..." Brady paused with tears in his eyes, "So, hopefully he’s here and cheering us on."

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