Julian Edelman compares Jimmy Garoppolo to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

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For the first time in Julian Edelman's life, he praised someone other than Tom Brady.

Edelman recently compared Jimmy Garoppolo to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, so Garoppolo really has to be doing something right. He likened Garoppolo's confidence to that or Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

FOX Sports:

“I’m not a paid G.M. so I don’t know the whole value thing. As far as a guy that I could play with every single day, Jimmy Garoppolo, I mean, the guy’s a stud. He went out and played in the regular season and he played very well. He’s got that kind of gunslinger confidence. That Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers kind of confidence. He practices hard, he prepares hard. He’s a good kid, he’s young. I think he’s a good player.”

I'd be interested to see if this does anything for Garoppolo's trade value, as he's almost certainly going to be dealt. It may also help Garoppolo's case that Charlie Casserly believes he is better than any quarterback in this upcoming draft class.


"I'm not enamored with any of the quarterbacks in this draft, that's No. 1," said Casserly, the former GM of the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins. "No. 2, Garappolo today is better than any quarterback in this draft. Now, he's had three years of experience. You look at him coming out (of college), the guy had a quick release, he's smart, he knows where to go with the ball. The guy is accurate, and he can make some plays on the move. You see all (those things) in the NFL. His deep-ball accuracy, you'd like that (to be) a little bit better."

Rumors have it that the 49ers, Browns and Bears are among the teams interested in trading for Garoppolo. He's almost certainly going to command a first-round pick, so the Browns seem like the likeliest destination given the fact that they own the No. 1 and No. 12 overall pick in the draft.

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