Malcolm Butler says he still has truck Tom Brady gave him from Super Bowl XLIX

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Although Tom Brady won the MVP award in Super Bowl XLIX, it was Malcolm Butler who was at the center of arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl and Patriots history simultaneously.

Brady, who won a Chevrolet Colorado as part of the award, gave the truck to Butler a few days after the Patriots beat Seattle 28-24. Butler still drives it, and wants to hold on to it forever.


"It means a lot. I will always and forever have that truck," Butler said at Super Bowl LI Opening Night festivities. "I’ll never give it away. I’ll never sell it. I’m going to always keep it. That’s a gift. That’s a special gift. That’s a trophy to me. So I’ll always keep that. I’ll always have that."

Despite the fact that Brady and Butler see each other every day, Brady said he's still waiting to ride in the truck.

"I keep telling him to give me a ride, but he never does that," Brady joked Monday night.

Brady then went on the praise Butler, saying he was the reason the Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago.

"He earned it, and he deserved it. Without Malcolm, we don't win that game. I love Malcolm. I joke with him all the time, but I just say, 'Thank God for Malcolm Butler.' He saved the game for us," Brady said.

"It was just an incredible play, I think one of the greatest plays in the history of the NFL, for him to be able to recognize that. No one really knew who Malcolm Butler really was at that time. I had, because I had gone against him in practice so much. For him to recognize that and pull the trigger at the biggest moment of his career and make the play, in the Super Bowl against one of the best teams that has ever played in the Super Bowl in the Seahawks, that was incredible. So he deserved it, and I was happy to do it."

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