Patriots already looking toward next season, file to trademark "Blitz for Six"

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

It’s never too early to start thinking about next season, and the New England Patriots organization is doing just that.

Fresh off the franchise’s fifth title, the Patriots are already looking toward the next one. The team filed to trademark the phrase “Blitz for Six” on Feb. 7, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. They will look to use the phrase on team merchandise and apparel to get fans rallied up for next season.

“Blitz for Six” comes along with other recent trademarking by the team. They are filing to trademark “No Days Off," an expression that head coach Bill Belichick chanted at the team’s Super Bowl victory parade last week. The Patriots also filed a trademark for “Ignore the Noise,” “Do Your Job” and “We are all Patriots.”

The "Blitz for Six" starts now.

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