LeBron James nearly collides with Bill Belichick during Cavaliers-Celtics game

Associated Press

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick surely had an eventful night on Wednesday, as he and girlfriend Linda Holliday sat courtside at the TD Garden for the Boston Celtics 103-99 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Early in the fourth quarter, LeBron James went up for a block and lost his footing, stumbling into a cameraman that was sitting in front of Belichick. James slowed up just in time so that he didn’t take out Bill and Linda, too.

After the game, LeBron offered high praise for the Patriots head coach as he talked about the collision that almost happened between them.

“I definitely slowed up because I knew it was him,” LeBron said, “I’m not taking no legend out. I’m not doing that. I need to keep seeing him winning, so that’s pretty cool for me.”

Belichick was seen entering the Cavs’ locker room after the game, and a tweet by James confirmed the two had talked.

Celtics’ point guard Isaiah Thomas also made time to greet Belichick, saying that it was the first time the two had met.

“Oh, I just wanted to meet him. I just wanted to shake his hand and show my respect.”

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