Malcolm Mitchell has re-watched Super Bowl LI highlights numerous times

Jae C. Hong | AP

Rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell had a whirlwind of a first year, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“This season, I could have never predicted,” said the fourth-round pick from Georgia, “but I’m thankful.”

Thankful that he was able to live through the excitement of the New England Patriots comeback victory in Super Bowl LI, Mitchell says he’s re-watched it like a fan “3-4 times.”

His favorite part of re-watching the game was seeing how excited and driven everyone was, from both sides of the ball.

“I can say it, but I wasn’t standing over there with the defense,” Mitchell said, “I know the offensive side was motivated. Just to [watch it again] to see how motivated the entire team was, it kind of exemplifies how well we worked together that day.”

Mitchell was limited to just one catch for 7 yards in the first half, but when the comeback was on, he kicked it up a notch – tallying five catches for 63 yards in the second half.

So, what are Mitchell’s plans for the offseason?

Training for the 2017 NFL year and focusing on community work in Georgia are the two biggest things on his list. Mitchell has written a children’s book called, “The Magician’s Hat,” developed a literacy program called “Read with Malcolm,” volunteered with cancer patients and served as a motivational speaker.

He’ll return to Foxboro for the voluntary offseason program.

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