Stephen Gostkowski reflects on trying, but rewarding season

Matt Stone | Boston Herald

It was all worth it in the end.

New England Patriots’ veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski, experienced some adversity this season, but it ultimately ended in sweet, sweet victory.

Gostkowki’s individual stats on the year included 34-of-39 field goals and 53-of-57 PATs, but the 11-year veteran knows it’s not always about personal numbers, it’s about the performance as a team.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss recently had a chance to speak with Gostkowski as he offered some insight on all of the highs and lows from this past season. He was able to get past his personal challenges and help the Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl.

“For it to finish that way as a team… you kind of get back to realizing what you play for: for your team and to win, and not always just for yourself,” Gostkowski said to Reiss, “Even in Year 11, at 33 years old, you still learn life lessons through sports. To have fun and go through stuff like that is why I got into it in the first place. It was an awesome time.”

He also spoke on how important having a good mentality is to help you overcome challenges, especially in a role like his.

“To me, if you’re going to survive in my position, you have to have a short memory,” he said, “That’s just how it is. Whatever criticism I have or haven’t gotten is right and just, but my days don’t go along by what people say or think about me. I’m always going to work hard to do my best. No one puts more pressure on me than I put on myself. Sometimes that can be a blessing, sometimes it cannot be. I’ll just keep working on trying to find that balance between whatever it takes to be the best. That’s what I strive to do.”

Gostkowski is signed through the 2018 season.

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