Gronk makes an appearance at WrestleMania

Stephen M Dowell | Orlando Sentinel | Tribune News Service

Gronk’s offseason antics never cease to amaze us.

That’s why when he jumped into the ring at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night in Orlando, all we could do is laugh and enjoy.

The New England Patriots tight end took a break from rehabbing to help his good friend Mojo Rawley with a battle royal match against Jinder Mahal.

Gronk had been watching from the front row when Mahal marched over and tossed a drink in his face. An enraged Gronk entered the ring and got into his three-point stance to charge Mahal and help Rawley win the match.

The TE’s back seems to be feeling pretty good now after he suffered an injury late last season. Before testing it out in the ring Sunday night, Rob Gronkowski said in an interview with ESPN, “I’m feeling great. I’m good to go. It’s been about four months now. I’ll be ready to roll when the offseason program starts.”

That’s exactly what Pats fans want to hear.

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