Pats still have some interest in trading for Richard Sherman

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Before the Patriots signed Stephon Gilmore on the first day of free agency, they had reportedly target Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in a trade.

The Seahawks' asking price was never revealed, but one would have to imagine it'd be astronomically high considering Sherman is one of the best at his position. Despite that, the Patriots still have some interest in striking a deal for Sherman, especially if they lose Malcolm Butler.

The Patriots have pulled off some draft-day blockbuster trades before (see: Moss, Randy), and you can't put it past them to make headlines at a big NFL event; they've got a good habit of doing that.

The best part of all of this, and what should give Patriots fans hope that this can happen is that A) Sherman is open to playing in New England and B) Seahawks general manager John Schneider confirmed they have talked to teams about a Sherman deal.


“What you’ve seen lately in the news is real,” Schneider said Wednesday morning on “Brock and Salk,” via The Seattle Times. “That’s on both sides.”

If the Patriots were to somehow pull this off, they would have far and away the best secondary in the NFL. But my assumption would be that the Seahawks would want a bevy of draft picks, some of them being first-rounders, which the Patriots have none of at the moment.

If they let Butler walk or sign him and then trade him, they'll be able to get at least one back and then they can go from there. And while I'm still in favor of them keeping Butler, if Sherman is the alternative, you can't really be upset at that.

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