Shannon Sharpe reacts to Jarvis Landry’s comments about the Patriots with hilarious response

Wilfredo Lee | AP Photo

According to Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry, the Fins are going to sweep the New England Patriots this coming season.

This was a very bold prediction coming from the WR, since Miami has not beaten New England twice in a season since 2000.

On Thursday’s episode of “Undisputed” FOX Sports 1’s Shannon Sharpe hilariously responded to these claims and ripped Landry for his statement.

“Everybody keeps talking about the 'New England Patriots are not the big brother'…You’re right, Jarvis Landry, the Patriots are not your big brother,” Sharpe said, “They’re your father, and they’re going to tear your tail up for being disrespectful. They’re not only your father, they’re the entire league’s father. This is the model that you aspire to be. There’s a reason why they’ve won five championships since 2000. And for Jarvis Landry, all of a sudden, because he says it ‘oh, it’s going to happen.’ Really?”

Sharpe later continued, “Come September, whenever you have to strap it up against the Patriots, let the pads, let the touchdowns do the talking.”

He also noted the fact that the Patriots don’t tell you who they’re going to beat, they just go play their game. That’s a huge concept that New England always takes pride in – ignoring the noise and going out there to do your job. They always focus on “the next one” and don’t lose sight of what’s important.

And as Sharpe said, “Talking doesn’t win games, winning games wins games.”

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