Artrell Hawkins convinced brother Andrew to sign with the Patriots

Lisa Blumenfield/Getty Images

When Andrew Hawkins was deciding which team he should sign with, he received some pretty good advice from his brother, Artrell Hawkins, who is a former Patriot.

Artrell played for New England in 2005 and 2006 and convinced Andrew to sign with the Pats because of their winning culture. Artrell also added that playing in New England "saved" his NFL experience.

"I think it's awesome. If it were up to me, he would have been there when he was a restricted free agent a few years ago," Artrell said, adding that he was "heavy-handed" when asked by his brother about what he should choose.

"The opportunity to play with [Tom] Brady, to win, to play for arguably the greatest coach of all-time, it's just a really awesome experience. I know it's not going to be mine exactly, but the primary pieces are still in place there. I've always said that being a part of the Patriots kind of saved my NFL experience. Not to say that I'm not appreciative or didn't enjoy playing other places, but as a kid, or when you're dreaming up playing in the National Football League, it's vying for championships, it's winning. So when he was talking to me about it about a week or so ago, I was a big advocate of it."

While his brother looks to make the Patriots' roster, the older Hawkins is now studying to become a preacher.

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