Malcolm Butler reportedly wanted to be traded to Saints "badly"

Boston Globe photo

Much was made about Malcolm Butler joining the New Orleans Saints either via a trade or restricted free agency. And Butler really wanted to go there.

CSNNE, citing a report by Mike Giardi:

"He wanted to be traded," Giardi said on Early Edition Thursday. "He knew what the money was in New Orleans. So when we talk about him, 'Oh he's happy. It's nice that he's joined his teammates again.' He had no other choice.
"He wanted New Orleans. He wanted them badly. They couldn't work out a deal. So what's he supposed to do now? Sit at home? No, you suck it up. You have to turn yourself back into a Patriot at least for a year, and hope. Who knows, maybe you do your work and maybe they say, 'Hey, Malcolm, you know what, we can't give you Gilmore money. But maybe we can find something. Maybe we've got $10 or $11 million."

The Butler-to-New Orleans rumors officially died when the Saints selected Marhson Lattimore with the 11th pick in the NFL Draft just over a week ago. But prior to that, after Butler signed his restricted free agent tender with the Patriots, speculation that Butler would find a way to the Saints ran rampant.

He'll obviously be playing in New England for at least one more year, but don't expect the Saints' interest in him to not be there when free agency opens next offseason.

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