Patriots will look at indoor league trick-shot kicker

The Patriots are pretty much set at kicker with Stephen Gostkowski, even though he got off to a rough start last season.

However, everyone knows Bill Belichick will never turn down the chance to improve the team somehow, which is exactly what he's going to do by inviting Indoor Football League kicker Josh Gable to the Pats' upcoming minicamp.

Gable plays for the Nebraska Danger, and he's kind of an unorthodox player. There are videos of him doing awesome trick shots with a football, and they're definitely worth your time.

70, 75, 80 Yard FGs from Josh Gable on Vimeo.

Target Practice NO SOUND from Josh Gable on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving Trick Shot from Josh Gable on Vimeo.

The Patriots may not need Gable, but what he's able to do is really impressive. Hopefully someone will give him a shot.

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